How to Save Money on Vacation

Thanks to the pace of modern day life, vacations are a necessity for many families. They can also be very costly and seem out of reach for many average families. There are, however, ways that you can spend less on vacation and still have just as much fun as if you were spending a fortune. By planning ahead and setting a proper budget, anyone can have a wonderful vacation that allows them to enjoy the best things in life. There are certain elements of your vacation that tend to cost the most, including hotel stays, food, and souvenirs, and while those things seem out of reach, they are often the easiest to save money on if you plan properly.

Hotel stays are often the most expensive part of the trip, but are also the easiest to save money on. There are several travel sites that will help you with this. Hotwire is a good place to save if you don’t need to know the hotel name where you are staying. If you really feel it is necessary to know the name of the hotel however, a site like, where you get a free night for every ten nights that you stay are a great way to save money on vacation. You can also save on hotels by going on off peak times, such as early fall or springtime, and going during the week instead of staying on the weekends which can be as much as twice the price.

Food is the next thing that can tend to get expensive fast. However, it is also easy to keep the costs down, even without resorting to the dollar menu at fast food restaurants. You can often use your hotel to help you save money on food. If your hotel offers breakfast, as many hotels do, this is a good way to save on food. Many hotels also offer the use of a small refrigerator and microwave in the room, which can be taken advantage of for easy meals. All of this will save you a great deal of money when it is mealtime. When you are unable to eat in the room, sharing a meal between two people can literally cut the cost of your meal in half.

Souvenirs are yet another thing that can run a lot of money or they can run very little. For some places, such as Disneyland, you can get souvenirs at a discount at the Disney Store, or any one of their Character Warehouse stores. For other places, you can be more creative. Pictures make the best souvenirs, and they don’t cost anything to take. If you still want to make sure that you are getting your souvenirs from the place that you are going, you can still shop the sale racks, which most gift stores have.

While vacations are expensive, there are always ways to trim expenses and have all the fun without all the expense. After all, in the end, it’s the memories that count, not the amount you spent.