How to Save Money on your next Car Deal

Saving money on your next car deal depends on how you are ready to approach the situation? Are going to pay cash? Are you going to buy used? Do you have a rapport with the dealer? There are many ways to save money on your next car deal. You can buy a car you see yourself driving for the next 10-15 years, buy used instead of new, buy a car which isn’t a popular target for theft.

Will you drive the same car down the line?

If you don’t see yourself driving the same car 10-15 years down the line chances are you will not save money in the long run no matter how good the deal. Example: If you purchase a car at $9,000 and hold onto it for 3 years and buy a new car for $30,000 you just spent $39,000. As an alternative you could hold by taking public transportation and buy a car nice car for 18-20K. If buy something like a camaro which is a classic you won’t have to worry about your car looking dated 5 years from your purchase.

Buy used

There are many reasons to buy used. For starters you don’t know what problems will arise with a new car. It is harder to gauge a ballpark figure for a new vehicle. You will have so many questions go unanswered with a new ride until problems arise. Buying used has it disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh it for the practical buyer. Since there is a broad selection of good looking quality cars buying used is not that bad. When buying used your insurance will be cheaper, plus you can accurately gauge maintenance costs. A good rule of thumb when buying used is to make sure the car has not been discontinued otherwise labor parts will become expensive.

Catching a thief’s eye

If you buy a car which is attractive to thieves you will likely pay a lot in insurance. There are articles on the web where you find out which vehicles are targets. When buying your car make sure you live a neighborhood where you talk insurance quote down. If your car is going to be in a garage you will be able to get a cheaper rate. If you are going to put have your car parked on the street then you run the risk of an accident or theft. Make sure you do your research before you have an emotional let down.

There are many ways to save money on your next car deal. The real question is how flexible are you? Take your time and forget about the Jonses’. Good luck!