How to Save Money Shopping at Factory Outlets

You will find factory outlets in a variety of places around the country such as Gettysburg, Sunrise and more. These stores offer great deals, and you can save a lot of money by shopping at them. Consider the following ways to save.

Look for items that are out of season or discontinued

There are many different reasons why products might be sent to a factory outlet.  Oftentimes they are out of season.  Sometimes they just come out with new merchandise and want to get rid of the old. You might be able to save a lot of money by purchasing items to use for next season. You can literally pay a fraction of the price for great clothing.  Also, sometimes there is absolutely nothing wrong with the products but you can get them for less through a factory outlet. 

Another great advantage of factory outlets is that there are often a lot of stores right next to each other. You can go from one to the next to see where you can get the products that you want.

Check back often

Many factory outlets get new items all the time. Once an item is gone, they often do not get it back again. You can check back and might see entirely new items.

Look for sales or clearance sections

Many factory outlets have all of their products discounted to a certain extent.  Some of them will further clear other items or run different sales. You may want to look at these products that have the discounts heaped on top of each other because you can often save substantially. 

Look for coupons

Many of the factory outlets have coupons. Sometimes you can buy them such as the $10 coupon books at the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida. In many of the outlets, however, you can get them for free if you show your AAA card.  These can offer significant savings off of what are already usually discounted prices.  Also some stores such as the J.C. Penney outlet will send out mailers with coupons on them. 

It is important to be a savvy shopper at factory outlets. Just because a store is an outlet does not mean that all of its items are cheap. You may be able to find the same items for cheaper on the Internet or in the clearance section of another store.  Price compare and shop around to find the best deals for you.