How to Save Money when Buying on the Internet

Aside from the already reduced prices of online stores, there is still many different ways to save on online merchandise. Below are the top five ways to save money online.

1.One of the biggest ways to save money online is to go to websites that show the best “deals of the day”. Such websites include “” and “”. These websites showcase the best sales of the day everyday. They feature many known merchants, like Kohl’s, Amazon, Dockers, and Old Navy.

2.The second best way to save money online is to use “coupon” websites. The best “coupon” website out there is “”. RetailMeNot is a database of coupons which users have submitted. The coupons usually offer savings up to 25%. The best part of RetailMeNot is that it has coupons for any store imaginable, including companies like USA 3000 Airlines and Netflix.

3.The third best way to save money when buying online is to use “price comparison” websites. The best price comparison websites are “” and “”. Price comparison websites let you compare prices for one item at multiple stores simultaneously.

4.The fourth best way to save money while shopping online is to sign up for email specials on all the websites you see stuff you would purchase. Online Merchants will usually drastically reduce prices on several items from time to time to gain attention. This is in favor to you, as you will know when the online stores are having those blowout sales because of your email specials. Signing up for email specials will also entitle you to special coupon codes that could save you free shipping or an extra 25% off or less on your order.

5.The fifth and final way to save money when shopping online is to always make sure your online merchant is legitimate. The number of online scams had drastically risen in past couple years and number of money lost by innocent people has doubled multiple times. To verify that the site you are using is secure and not a fraud, check out “”, “”, and “”. All three of these websites will help you investigate if your online merchant is a scam. If the name of your online merchant is not listed at any of the three above websites, it is most probable it is a scam.


1:When registering for email specials, make sure not to use your primary email, as it will constantly be receiving messages. Make a separate email account just for the specials.
2:Merchants on Ebay and Amazon are normally legitimate.
3:Any online store that only accepts wire transfers is sure to be a scam.