How to Save Money when Planning for your Childs College Education

Keep in mind that kids cost money and if your parents had made it to pay your college education, you might ask advice from them. But keep in mind times are changing and inflation is a fact. Even a college degree might not be a guarantee for a high income.

So best thing to do is start saving as early as possible. Make an account on your child’s name as soon as it is born and save money on it. Laws may vary from location, but if you make sure that your child is the owner of the amount on it, you might not get it that easy. This is a way to prevent parents from taking money for the future of their children for their own benefits.

Now saving is something we can all do, if we put priorities in live. Do you really need that new car? Does it really have to be that big and expensive? Same with cloths and other stuff. You might need it, but maybe you might lower your pride and buy second hand or in discount stores. Buying second hand is not only good for you pocket, but also for the environment.

Getting deeper into ecology, you might wonder if you really need to keep the lights on at night, or that the heating should be on all day while you are at work. Wear a sweater inside and safe on heating. Leave as few lights on as possible and you might see your electricity bill going down. Do not keep water tabs open too long, do not take too many long baths, showers and do not wash you car or spray your garden if not necessary. This is money that your kids might need to get their school books paid.

If your local store is right behind to corner, you might get your groceries by bike or on foot. This saves gas and is also good for your health.

Also teach this to you kids. It will keep a better environment for them and they might also learn how to safe money in future for their kids.

Comparing prices might also make a lot of difference. Stores might have different prices policies on the same products. So buying your bread and vegetables in one supermarket and your meat in another, when they are both in the same area and do not cost extra on transport, is also an option.

Use discount coupons, look up cheap prices, compare quality and stay away from you kid’s account and they will have money to make it through college.

If you do not get sufficient money, learn your children to make income of their own. As soon as they are old enough, let them have weekend jobs that might also give them some leisure money in college. This also gives them job experience when they graduate.

Do not spoil them with expensive gifts, but make explain them that paying the bills is most important.

Give them a good base on how to live ecologic and economic at the same time and you might also get your grandchildren ready for a college degree.