How to Save Money while Raising Children

Children can be expensive.  Fortunately, there are many ways that you can save money as they are growing.  Consider the following methods.

Save money on children’s clothing

One thing you can do is to try to save money on children’s clothing.  It may be tempting to buy every adorable outfit that you see, however you should try to resist doing this.  You might be able to get some clothing hand-me-downs from someone that you know.  You can try to hand down clothing between your own kids.  Also, you can shop at less expensive places.  There are many children’s consignment shops that sell beautiful clothing for a fraction of the price.  Some of it is like new.  Also, there are many discount stores like Target and Costco with less expensive wares as well.  When you are done with the clothing you can try to get a little money by selling it back to consignment stores.

Save money on food

You may spend a lot of money on food for your family and there are many ways to save on this.  Buy store brand food items instead of name brand.  You might not even be able to tell the difference.  Also, you can buy food in bulk.  You can cook more instead of going out to eat.  When you do go out to eat look for places that have specials such as kids eat free.  Sonny’s, IHOP and Denny’s all have specials like this at certain times.  Shop at less expensive laces like Costco.  Look for sales on food items.  Grocery stores like Publix Supermarkets in the Southeast U.S. often have “buy one, get one free” specials.

Look for fun but inexpensive ways to entertain children

There are many things you can do with children that are fun but not as expensive.  For instance, you can take them to outdoor playgrounds instead of an expensive gym.  You can make your own crafts with them.  You can play games with them.  Make up a play and dance with them.  Also, there are some places where you might be able to get a great deal on a family membership like a children’s museum.  You might get an entire year of fun for one reasonable price.  Also look for mom’s clubs where you can go to playdates and have a lot of fun for very little money.

Have toy swaps

Instead of always buying the newest toys, see if you can have a toy swap with someone.  You might find a friend who is willing to exchange some.  Also, if you belong to a mom’s club this might be something you can suggest. 

There are many ways to save money while raising kids.  The above tips can help you with this.