How to Save on Grocery Shopping

Spending on groceries can really take its toll on individuals and families alike, especially when we all already have countless other expenditures to worry about, including bills, taxes and mortgages. What more with the prices of groceries skyrocketing over the past few years, grocery shopping can easily burn a hole in the pocket. Many have resorted to various means to try and cut down on their grocery shopping expenditure. The following are a few ways to save on grocery shopping.

1. Taking online surveys

At first glance, this might seem an awkward way to save on grocery shopping. However, many survey websites nowadays are offering supermarket gift cards as rewards for completing their surveys. The dollars will have to be accumulated to reach a minimum stipulated amount before cashing out on the gift card is permitted. Payment is typically $2 to $4 for 15 to 30 minutes of survey time, and if survey invitations are frequent enough, a gift card can be acquired in no time at all. Although this method might demand a portion of your time, the potential savings to your grocery shopping bill can be enormous.

2. Buy generic/home brand whenever possible

Generic or home brand products in supermarkets provide an excellent way to save on groceries. These brands normally offer a similar product at a lower price per unit/weight/volume compared to the original brand. Hence, for grocery items whereby the brand might not be as important a consideration, for example stationery and shampoo, it is a good idea to opt for the generic or home brand range. Sometimes, generic or home brand products might even be of similar quality to the original brand.

3. Take advantage of special offers or catalog sales

When special offers or catalog sales come about, it is a good opportunity to make use of them to get a bargain. Prices of items are typically slashed up to 70% from the original price, allowing for massive savings per item purchased. Offers can come in the form of “buy one free one” or “buy 2 for $x”, which can be as value for money as price reductions. Some people find these offers and sales to be an ideal time to bulk buy or stock up, especially for non-perishable items, items with a long expiry date, or items that are consumed quickly.

4. Use coupons

Coupons are a great way to obtain discounts or offers on grocery items you might be intending to buy. Coupons can be found mainly in printed media such as newspapers, magazines and catalogs, but can also sometimes be found on the back of supermarket dockets too. It might be worth cutting out and keeping a stack of coupons in your purse or wallet, so that the coupons are handy and ready to use when you need them.

5. Write a shopping list or set a budget

Writing a shopping list or setting a budget helps to keep you from overspending on unnecessary grocery items. While it is always tempting to spend when a particular item looks pleasing and attractive to the senses, it is important to practice abstinence and exercise will power, not unlike quitting smoking. Some might even attempt to limit the time spent in-store to curb the temptation to spend more.

6. Compare prices within and between supermarkets

Comparing prices before doing your grocery shopping helps you to get the lowest prices for your groceries. To compare item prices within a supermarket, focus on the price per unit/weight/volume of an item across different brands and different pack sizes, which should be quoted on the price tags of individual grocery items. Then you will be able to choose the product with the best value for money based on your preferences and budget. To compare item prices between supermarkets, pick a similar grocery item (same brand, same pack size) and determine which supermarket has the lowest price for the item. Do take into account all the items on your grocery shopping list, as well as other factors such as supermarket location, before making a decision on which supermarket to do your shopping at.

In summary, saving on grocery shopping is not so difficult a task if we put steps in place to try and save. There are obviously many more ways to save on groceries aside from those mentioned above. However, the six ways described in the article should be ample to save you a lot of cash on grocery shopping if they are put into practice. Good luck and happy saving!