How to Save on Organic Products

While buying organic foods may seem more expensive than other produce, there are ways to save on it.  The extra money that you spend now may save on health costs in the future.

More stores are offering organic foods so the prices are becoming more competitive.  With more stores offering organic products it is now possible to do comparison shopping.  Some stores will price match similar items offered at other stores.  Take notice of the prices at various stores that you visit and see which stores have the best prices.  A few dollars saved here and there can make a difference over a period of time.

Other ways to save on organic products is looking for sales such as “Buy one get one free” and using coupons.  In the past, most of the coupons available were for processed foods but now companies are starting to offer more coupons for organic items.  Check with the stores you visit to see if they offer reward or discount cards. 

Besides retail stores you may be able to find organic produce at farmers markets.  Other ideas are to join a food co-op  or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  With some co-ops or CSAs you may get discounted prices if you volunteer with some of the chores.  Many CSAs and other products offer a weekly box of organic produce.  It usually offers a better price on organic items than farmers markets.  Also, you may get items to try that you wouldn’t usually purchase.  By buying local, it may be fresher and you know where the products are coming from. More communities are offering opportunities to find organic items.  In some cases, products may be sold in quantities that are more than you can reasonable use, consider sharing with a friend.  Some warehouse stores are offering more organic items now than before, so you may want to purchase them with friends.  You may not save money purchasing at a retail store if a lot of it goes to waste. 

As with buying other items, you may be able to save money by purchasing organic items when they are in season.  When the supply is lower, prices will be higher. 

By doing a little research in your area, you may be able to purchase organic foods without putting pressure on your grocery budget.  If you can find ways to save on other areas of your budget, you can put that money towards your grocery budget.