How to Save on your Electric Bill

If you, like many other people around the country, shed a tear when you get the electric bill in your mailbox then I am here to tell you tips on how to save both tears and money on your bill. Let’s take a look at some ways to save money on your electric bill:

Check the thermostat in your house: Try to set the thermostat at 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night.  This simple adjustment will reduce the energy consumption and at the same time provide you with comfortable temperatures.

Turn off the lights you are not using: Walk through every room in your house and turn off all the lights that you are not using and dim the lights in the rooms that you are using.  Dimming the lights to a comfortable level and turning off the lights you are not using will help reduce your bill. Also considering compact fluorescent bulbs instead of regular bulbs will help you save because they produce four times as much light per watt as incandescent bulbs and they last ten times longer. Although fluorescent bulbs are more expensive than regular incandescent bulbs, you will get a return in your investment through savings in your bill.

Unplug the appliances you are not using: Walk around the house and look for appliances you are not using and unplug them. Items like the microwave, toaster, cell phone charger, coffee pot, sound system, TV, laptop, and other items will consume energy as long as they plugged into a power source. Consider plugging these electric items into a power strip. The power strip will make it easier to turn them on and off when not in use.
Switch your electric water heater: A good idea is to switch your electric water heater to a gas water heater; however, if you are unable to do this, consider adjusting the temperature of the water heater to a comfortable lower temperature.

Air-dry your clothes: If you can air dry your clothes then this will save you money on your bill. If you have no other option but to use your washer and dryer then try using those appliance with full loads of laundry instead of just using two or three pieces of clothing. This is a simple saving tip that often gets overlooked.

There are other things you can do to save energy especially with the refrigerator. Try to adjust to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for temperature and only opening the door briefly and only when necessary. Another thing you can do to save is to try to switch your current appliances with energy efficient appliances. Looking for ways to save energy will not only save money you money but reducing your energy consumption will also help the environment.