How to Save the most Money when Shopping at Warehouse Clubs

Warehouse clubs are designed for businesses, organizations or large families who buy large amounts of products at a time. In some cases, the cost of the membership combined with higher prices on specific items, can make shopping at them unaffordable.

Knowing how to maximize the benefits of the club membership will help a wise shopper save large amounts of money. Read the rules of the membership and make sure what the requirements are on bulk purchases at the club.

Buy products in bulk. Purchasing large amounts of product during one visit will eliminate future visits to pick up smaller amounts. Bulk purchases also reduce the overall price of the product. By reducing the need for excess packaging, larger containers or products that are bundled together can cost much less than smaller versions of the product. Toilet paper, paper towels and other non-perishable products can be purchased in rather large amounts without the fear of the product going bad or expiring. Canned foods can also be purchased in large amounts at a greater savings. 

Perishable foods on the other hand, must be purchased with greater care to ensure maximum savings. They can still be purchased in bulk, provided the purchaser has the means of storing them in a freezer or other means of preserving them for long term storage. Fruits and vegetables can be dried in a dehydrator and stored in air tight containers. Grains, such as rice and oats can be re-packaged and stored in the freezer for later use.

Combine two orders into one. If two people need the same product, buy the biggest package available and divide the product. Not only will both people save money, neither person will have more than they actually need or can use in a specific period of time.

Some warehouse clubs offer discounts to seniors on specific days of the week. Senior citizens can go in and save an additional 10 to 15 percent over and above other discounts that are already in place. Optimizing a shopping schedule to figure in when these days are will also help to save extra cash when shopping at warehouse clubs.

Warehouse clubs also offer special coupon days where they honor double coupons or coupons from other manufacturers. Combining coupons, with other discounts provided by the warehouse club, a shopper can save quite a bit of cash. Many clubs provide a schedule for specific savings days. Utilizing the benefits that are offered by the club and using some common sense can add up to tidy savings over the period of the club’s membership.