How to Save when Money is Tight

Are your resources tight? Need to make your money last? Most people, in a tight monetary situation, will find a way to earn money rather than go poor.

The issue is not just saving, it’s your QUALITY OF LIFE.

People can survive with two cups of water a day, 2000 calories, and a handful of vitamins. Life isn’t very much fun when you’re living on the bare minimum essentials. So, instead of spending your money on those luxuries of life, you can put that money in your saving account!

Here are a few ways to get what you WANT and save money.


Many places offer free coffee. Some of the best places to get free coffee are: Church, AA Meetings, Volunteer situations, and Book club meetings. Also, Civic gatherings, such as city hall meetings and Art clubs, provide free coffee for patrons.

Also, you can get many free coffee samples online, but be aware of the fact that they may aggressively market towards you, so never provide any personal informationt that you are uncomfortable with. Here are a few links:


If you volunteer one afternoon at your local Salvation Army or Soup Kitchen, you may be able to get a free lunch out of it. This may be desperate, but you’re doing the community a favor and you’re getting a free sandwich out of it.

Also, as above, at civic meetings, you may be able to get free food. Read your newspaper and find out where the meetings are happening.

If you are truly desperate for food, you can try your local food bank. Most food banks will provide a box of food for a few dollars, no questions asked. That food will last you a few weeks, but keep in mind that community food banks are for the truly poor.

You can also receive many free food samples at your local:
Treasure Island


Many churches provide thrift sales – you can often purchase an entire bag of clothing for under two dollars! Learn how to sew and you can have a new outfit every weekend!


Walmart has a great free-stuff samples site. They will send you samples of everything from tampons to detergent. Be aware that they may send you their marketing, so use your email address appropriate for junk mail and advertisements.

With the money you save on these free items, you can easily put that away for a rainy day.