How to Sell Gold through the Mail Safely

In this down economy, many people are looking to find some quick, easy cash. Have you considered turning your gold jewelry into cash? It’s simple, quick, and legitimate. Chances are, if you sift through the jewelry box, you’ll find several pieces you no longer wear. Whether it’s a ring from an ex or earrings that are out of style, old jewelry can be a treasure trove for ready cash.

While stocks and bonds are risky investments right now, gold is a hard commodity and a stable investment. Perhaps that’s why gold is trading for over $900 per ounce. With the release of U.S. government data showing increased unemployment claims, projected gold prices through early 2010 remain high.

So how do you cash in on your gold? Perhaps you’ve heard of gold-selling parties or even mail-in gold-buying firms. But why wait for a party invite, or mail your gold off to someplace obscure? Consider We Buy Gold 123 for your gold sales.

Unlike other mail-based buyers, our firm is located in the United States near Savannah, Georgia. When you choose to sell your gold to us, it truly is in three easy steps:

1. Place all qualifying pieces in our postage-paid, insured mailer. Include accompanying paperwork.
2. Ship your mailer via US Postal Service.
3. Receive your cash!

We understand that selling jewelry through the mail may still make you uneasy, so we’ve included some safeguards:

* A two-week period where you may change your mind. Just pay return shipping.
* Mailers insured to $100, with more available by request.
* Outstanding telephone and email support.

We Buy Gold 123 has trained professionals who will analyze each piece you send and pay top dollar. Payouts are based on weight and karat grade, and you may choose payment by check or direct deposit (certain limitations to two-week refund period apply). Virtually all types of gold jewelry are accepted.

Just imagine how a little extra cash could really help during these times. Maybe you can finally pay off some bills or just treat your spouse to a romantic dinner out. Unworn gold is often a missed opportunity for quick, easy cash. Take a look through your jewelry box, dresser drawers, or wherever you keep jewelry. With today’s consistently high outlook for gold prices, now is the perfect time to cash in some of your buried treasures!

Got questions? Ready to get started? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Request a starter kit at
2. Call at 1-866-GOLD1 (1-866-984-6531).
3. Email at [email protected]