How to Set up a Stream of Passive Income

Setting up a stream or streams of multiple income is easy. The tricky part is finding a legitimate source of passive income. There are a lot of scams out there. When looking to establish multiple streams of income make sure you do you research. You can establish multiple streams of income by writing on Helium, MLM, CD’s, royalties and etc.


You can generate a decent amount of income writing on Helium. Helium offers many ways to earn income you can get paid upfront participate in contests, write articles and etc. The more articles you write to a popular channel you can generate income while you sleep. In order to receive revenue share you must rate articles and earn a rating star. Generating a decent passive income on Helium takes time.

MLM-(Multi Level Marketing)

There are many MLM programs out there you have to decide which one you want to join. Prior to joining a MLM program make sure you enjoy what they have to offer. Many people join a program and drop because they want to get rich quick. If you treat your MLM business like a business than you can succeed. When joining an MLM program make sure your up-line is reliable otherwise you will not be as effective and you may become frustrated and quit.


Opening a CD account you can generate income off of your investment. Since the times are not as good you will have tough time getting good interest rates. Generating income from a low interest is better than generating no income. When opening a CD account make sure you always shop around for the best interest rate. Some people get lazy and decide to stick with the same bank as opposed to doing their diligence.


When produce any type of media and you own publishing rights you will generate passive income. There are many ways to generate royalties such commercials, music, books, movies, tv shows, merchandise and etc. It is important when signing any contract you have a large portion if not all publishing rights. In the entertainment industry if you are part of a good project and live a modest lifestyle you can live off of passive income.

There are many ways to generate passive income. You must find ways to generate when your regular income does not suffice. It is important to ask questions before signing anything. Good luck!