How to Shop at Walmart

“Oh, no,” you’re thinking. “It’s that time again.”  You are out of everything in the house, and you need to go to Walmart. But the last time you went it was a disaster, and you were so unorganized you vowed never to go back again. Well, your visit to your local Walmart is inevitable, so you might as well be prepared for it.

The first step is making a list of everything you need, that way you can get it all in one trip.  Walk around your house with a pen an notepad and write down everything you are out of or low on. Then, organize your list according to category: groceries, pets, toiletries, etc.  This is to make your transition through the store smooth and fluid.  As you walk through the departments you can go down your list and mark everything off as you go.  Next, try to find local competitor ads that have some of what you need and bring them with you. Walmart will match any competitor price as long as it is not a gimmick ad (i.e. Buy one get one free or with the purchase of…) 

Once you are in Walmart, you want to start on the general merchandise side, weaving up and down the aisles so that you end up in the frozen foods or produce departments. This way your cold foods stay in your buggy as little as possible and don’t spoil while you shop other areas.

What to look for when you shop:
• Clearance carts: These can be found throughout the store and contain merchandise that is a) clearance, b) deleted from the store’s merchandise flow, or c) marked down due to excess inventory.  All are good buys, so stop by and check those out. You may find something on your list that is marked down.
• Rollbacks: These are Walmart’s version of sale items. They are generally displayed on end caps in large quantities, or flagged on the shelf. Either way provides a Was and Now price, so you know the value of the item you are purchasing. Rollback items may stay at that price anywhere from a month to a year.
• Save Even More: These are mark downs that vary from store to store due to excess inventory or a push to promote sales. Save Even More items typically stay two weeks at that price, then go back up to regular price.
• Associates: All Walmart associates are required to acknowledge all customers who come within ten feet of them. 

When you get to the checkouts, present your local competitor ads to the cashier so she can correctly price match your items.  It’s almost over at this point.  Once you’re all checked out, keep your receipt in your hand just in case the people greeter asks to see it.  Nothing is more embarrassing than being stuck at the exit digging for your receipt.  After loading up your groceries into your vehicle, double check the bottom of your buggy for anything you may have forgotten, as Walmart is not responsible for anything left outside.

Once your shopping experience is over, let them know how they did!  If a survey printed out on your receipt, take a minute to fill it out.  If you were not selected for the survey, call 1-800-WALMART and tell them about how terrible, or even how great your experience was. The operator types up everything you say and sends the information via email to the store manager.  You may choose to give your name or remain anonymous. 

That’s it. Not too bad.  Once you get over the hustle and bustle of the crowd, all you need for an easy in and out visit to Walmart is a bit of organization.  Just follow the steps, and you’re sure to find your way to the exit  a lot smoother and less hectic than previous visits.