How to Shop for Online Car Insurance

Every year I shop on line for my car insurance. Before I renew I check as many insurers as I can. Just because your provider was the cheapest last year, it doesn`t mean that it will be the best this year.

I browse on line for several reasons.


It is much easier than talking to someone on the phone. You can save your quote and go back to it. You are not under any pressure from anyone at the other end of the phone.


Some car insurance providers offer a 20% discount for the first year only. If you benefited from a 20% discount for the first year, then the price will increase significantly the second year. It is well worth changing providers to take advantage of the 20% discount as long as you can take your no claims bonus with you. The cover would also need to be as good, if not better and it would need to be cheaper to make changing worthwhile.


It is possible to get multiple quotes from different providers by visiting on line brokers. Just make a note who you have received quotes from though. Brokers won`t provide quotes from every single insurer. You will still need to shop around.

The advantage of accessing quotes on line is that you can make a note of them and find the cheapest one. You can then go back to it later on after saving your details.

You can alter things on line and the quote will change. By this I mean you can add breakdown. I have this on mine and it works out much cheaper than buying it separately and it offers the same cover. You can also increase or decrease the excess to your requirement which will decrease or increase the quote.

Before accessing quotes on line, make sure you have all of the information in front of you. You will need to know how long you have had the car, the registration etc. You will also need to know your no claims and any points on your license. You will need to know what type of insurance you will require. Make sure when making comparisons that each company is offering the same cover and that is what you are being quoted for. If you plan to pay monthly it will show any interest that you will be required to pay.

It really is well worth searching for car insurance quotes on line as long as you are accurate with your details. I have saved a lot of money by doing this. Once you have decided upon a company, it is easy to purchase the insurance. You just follow the on line instructions and organise payment. With on line insurance, you will need to pay on line. I have never had a problem with this, it is always secure.