How to Shop within your Means and still Buy Abercrombie and American Eagle

Shopping for an entire family or even just for yourself can be daunting. Oftentimes we simply want to spend too much and we do not have the means to do so. One of the best ways to stay within your means without limiting yourself is to follow spending budgets. For instance, in my family, my two younger brothers did not start caring about what they wore until the age of sixteen. They did not try to impress girls or keep their clothes clean. They were constantly ruining brand-new American Eagle, Gap, Aeropostle, Hollister and J. Crew clothing. My mom was becoming annoyed at the money she was dishing out to dress them nice when they continually would return home from school with new grass stains and chocolate cookie smudges.

My mother decided to stop. She did not stop shopping for them but she stopped buying them all of the things that they did not care about. She went to the department stores and bought fairly nice, more reasonable clothing. Clothes that would not upset her too much if either boy ruined them. This saved money for my mother, my father, and my clothing expenses. We also decided to spend on how often we would use the clothing item. My mother and I love wearing jeans and we wear them nearly all the time. We bought two pairs that were more expensive because we knew that we would not only wear them constantly and continuously, but we would use them forever.

However, when it was time to buy dresses for a wedding we were attending, we went on the cheaper side of dress prices. We also were not in the wedding but there as guests, so went ahead and bought a dress that we could wear to random cocktail parties. We rarely go to things like that so both my mother and I only have one dress each for these occassions. If we do not wear it often, then we do not spend a lot of money on the item.

I hope that this has helped you out. Remember, maybe two to four pairs of flip-flop shoes instead of twenty. Limiting the amount you buy and limiting the price on items that you know you will not wear often will be a big help to you. You will find that this method of limiting amounts and prices will help you quite a lot.

Even if you like the brand name clothes like J. Crew, Hollister, American Eagle, Gap, Banana Republic, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc. you can still find good deals and you can purchase the items you will wear less often from a department store or Walmart. Walmart has great prices on cute clothes that just do not last as long. However, if you rarely wear tank tops but wanted one for the beach, then head to Wal-mart. Be smart and have fun shopping within your means!