How to Spend less on Reading Books

Reading books has become quite an expensive pastime for those who are in the habit of buying them new from bookstores. It is therefore well worth such people considering and determining how to spend less on reading books and in the process of doing so, they may find that they can essentially still read the same books for a drastically reduced price, or even for nothing at all.

The process of establishing how to spend less on reading books begins with considering from where we purchase the books which we read. Purchasing them from traditional bookstores is all very well and means that we can get on them on demand in most instances but this is the least cost-effective way in which to purchase books. One alternative is to look at the huge online retailers such as and consider buying the books in this way over the Internet. Amazon in particular are so large that they can very often negotiate substantial bulk purchase discounts direct from the publisher and pass at least some of said discounts on to their customers. Amazon even have a facility where many books are sold second hand on their pages and are usually in almost as good as new condition.

An even cheaper way of purchasing books would be to scour such as outdoor markets or charitable concerns and search for books in this way. The books are unlikely to be in pristine condition but are more than likely to be in a perfectly readable condition. Books purchased from these outlets are likely to be only a fraction of the cost of buying the books brand new.

Another option is to consider swapping books with friends. If we have a group of friends who have similar reading habits, we could arrange with them that each member of the group buys certain books in one of the ways described above and that the books subsequently be passed around the members of the group on a rotational basis.

Public libraries of course represent the best option of all when looking at how to spend less on reading books. Public libraries usually have the current bestsellers very quickly following their release and it is not often possible to spend less than getting to read the books for free. The books can generally be borrowed for a few weeks and read at the individual’s leisure.

Spending less on reading books is therefore entirely possible for most who like to do so and especially for the voracious reader, could represent substantial savings over a long period of time.