How to spend money when times are tight

The money in your pocket is not enough? Well, it is not your fault with the economy the way it is right now. It’s difficult for many people when they can’t get what they need. Sometimes, folks just want something nice for their family, but don’t have enough. These tips might help with some of that.

Purchase generic brands when possible

You should save money buying things you don’t care about and spend money on what you think is important. Things you want, wish for or really need often vary in personal importance as does the necessity for quality.

Generic products help bridge the gap between saving, having necessary products and being able to save for discretionary items. If you are not satisfied with the generic brands you bought last time you went shopping, then you could replace it for another generic brand in order not to lose quality in your products.

Only buy new to replace something old

Every time you go to the supermarket or the mall before buying something, make sure the old product is not working anymore or has done enough.

You can set limits on the things you have; you don’t really need 20 pants or 25 dresses. So before buying something, ask yourself if you really need that product that you are about to buy.

Buy on the internet

the internet has lots of good offers. You’ll be able to find many tings for less than at the mall or other physical store location. Just make sure you are buying from respected salesmen or stores if you want to be cautious. Buying on internet also allows shoppers to save money on transportation costs, which is another expense because of the gasoline price these days.

Eat cheap and healthy

Surely you think that eating healthy is expensive. I’ll be honest, it’s expensive. But there are tricks to save money and eat healthy to get a good price.

Drink water: It’s cheaper and healthier than soda or any other sugary drinks.

Try eating eggs: the price is not expensive compared to meat, and eggs provide lots of protein and vitamins.

Bring lunch: Have you ever thought about how much money you spend eating out when you are working? To save on restaurant costs bring your lunch to your workplace.

Avoid junk food: Don’t eat junk food; it will make you spend more money and could end up costing you more in healthcare services later on.

Make plans to save cash

Every time you are about to buy something or spend money, plan for it. When you go to the supermarket, have a shopping list and stick to it because you’re supposed to put everything you really need on that list. This serves the purpose of not losing sight of what you’re there for.

If you’re planning to make a big purchase, look for all the buying alternatives. Different stores, different ways to pay it and of course choose the perfect time to buy it. Do it whenever you’re ready to do it, or you’ll have difficulty paying for daily expenses. 

Make a day with $0.00 expenses each week

The best thing about this technique is that you can control it perfectly. For the day you have assigned, leave home with zero dollars on your person. This will prevent you from spending. If absolutely necessary and to deal with any possible trouble, take a debit or credit card, but try not to use it.

One day before you think about what you’re going to need. For example, you may need to bring water from home, a breakfast sandwich and previously purchased items from the supermarket.

These are just a few tips, you can use your creativity to innovate new ways of saving and buying. But the best way to be economical is to not spend more money than you have. This is actually one of the most important tips from people who get rich.