How to Stay Home and still Earn Money

Many successful companies started as a home business and you too can be successful without punching a time clock to earn a living, if you use your imagination and come up with an idea for how to stay home and still earn money. The following ideas are all proven winners and one may just be your ticket to earning from home.

*Earning Online

It may take a few weeks to build up your earning but you can earn a living online by blogging at


You can buy wholesale items by mail to sell retail online or sell crafts and collectibles at

You can sell your artwork, stories, poems, drawings and paintings at one of these sites: for your art work for short novels, articles and poetry for novels, short stories, articles, poetry, video, images


After-school day-care and babysitting for working parents or those who just want a night out can be a lucrative business. It isn’t hard to get certified and you choose the hours and days you want to work. There are many parents willing to pay a premium charge, who work at night and have trouble finding someone to keep there children.


If you love to bake then selling homemade cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other goodies can earn you a steady income. You could even specialize in one particular item such as wedding cakes or birthday cakes or even fat free muffins. A few well placed ads and word of mouth will bring you all the business you want.


Start a business sewing or doing alterations for those who lack the skill. Customers can bring their own patterns, fabric and notions and come to you for fittings. Another good way to earn money sewing is to make prom or pageant dresses, curtains, costumes or sewing patches on uniforms for Scouts.

*Patchwork And Quilting

Not only is quilting profitable, it’s a dying art form in most of the country. You can create beautiful quilt blocks while you watch television, visit with friends and family or watch the kids playing outside. Create your own beautiful quilts to sell or quilt the handy-work of others.

*Tax Preparation

It cost little to get set up for doing taxes. You can work from home for many large tax companies or start your own business. You set your hours and advertise and the customers call for an appointment.

*Give Lessons

If you play the piano, trumpet or drums give lessons to kids after school. If you draw, paint or sculpt have a class in your home once a week. There is no end to the things that can be taught from your home; cooking, sewing, gardening, crocheting, crewelwork, embroidery, whatever you are knowledgeable about.

*Become A Tutor

Whatever you’re good at, someone out there is struggling with it. Tutoring kids after school in math, algebra, science, history, grammar, English, French, Spanish or literature earns you money while you help others learn.

*Arts And Crafts

Create wreath, rag rugs, stationary, greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, picture frames, paintings, decoupage furniture, templates for scrapbookers, clay figurines or hundreds of other arts and crafts projects and sell them from your house, garage or at a monthly yard sale.


Plant a backyard garden and sell what you grow. It doesn’t have to be vegetables, though these sell good, it can be flowers, both fresh and dried or jars of herbs and strings of red peppers. If you have a greenhouse or can invest in one you can offer salad goods all winter long or grow exotic flowers for holidays.

Whatever your reason for wanting to earn from home, you can do it. A little imagination and some hard work will help you to stay home and still earn money. Try any of these ideas or use them as springboard for your own ideas and get started today.