How to Stay on Budget while Traveling

Whether you travel for business, pleasure or both; maintaining a reasonable budget can be a nightmare. Nothing seems to be cheap on the road and unfortunately, eating is still necessary to being healthy. If you shudder at the mere thought of having to travel because of the expense involved, then read on for some valuable tips.


Eat a good lunch and avoid swanky diners. Most restaurants charge less during lunch time and serve many delectable dishes. Eat light for dinner, besides it is a good idea to eat lighter before bed so you can get a good night’s sleep. Avoid junk food traps at tourist spots, they are usually delicious but overpriced. Drink plenty of water while traveling, becoming dehydrated is the last thing you want during travel. One fun idea is to have a picnic with sandwiches or whatever you like from a grocery store (which is cheaper than restaurants). 


Choose your lodging wisely and book ahead when possible. Sometimes you can get really good deals by booking online well in advance of the trip. The other thing to consider when choosing lodging is the area it is located in; avoid popular tourist areas because they tend to be more expensive and are harder to get in and out of. The other reason you want to find accommodations away from touristy locations is that you will be less tempted to spontaneously buy something. 


Park your vehicle and walk as much as possible. Walking helps keep you fit and is free. It can be frustrating and costly trying to find any parking space, let alone a good one. The other nice thing about walking is that you will get to see more of the places you are visiting. People miss so much of an area when they are whizzing down the streets in a car. You can literally stop to smell the flowers or enjoy a cup of coffee from a street vendor (watch the prices).

Reduce souvenir spending

One of the biggest mistakes people make when traveling is stocking up on all of the cool things they find. This is a big mistake because all that cool stuff adds up quick and you spend much more than you meant to. It is great to pick up something that symbolizes your travels, but try to limit it to one really special item. Instead of purchasing lots of overpriced souvenirs, try taking lots of pictures. Pack your digital camera or use your cellphone to capture some awesome memories. 

Avoid credit card use

One sure fire way to stay on budget is by not whipping out your credit cards. It is much easier to overspend when you can’t keep track of how much went where. Now, it is true that you can keep all of your receipts and keep a running tally. However most people find this tedious while traveling and eventually decide to figure it all out once they get home. This attitude of course, results in overspending. Set aside a certain amount of cash and leave the credit cards alone (unless of course you have a major emergency).

You do not have to shudder at the thought of another expensive travel excursion. The best way to maintain a budget while traveling is by watching what and where you spend your money.