How to Stock your Pantry Frugally

Ideas for saving money

To fill your pantry you have to find other ways of saving. Always make a shopping list. Don’t leave it home and don’t be sidetracked from that list. Marketers deliberately place temptation on every checkout. Low shelves entice the children, higher ones taunt the adults. Set yourself goals. Put a picture of something you especially want on the fridge. And be determined to achieve that goal.
When and if you are tempted to buy something not on your list, fine yourself the price of it. And put that in a savings account or similar. The more you punish yourself the more you will save.
Buy in bulk by sharing the expenses with a friend. Grow your own vegetables, some can be grown in pots so there is no excuse, and it tastes much better because it is freshly picked.
If you are a pensioner; shop on the day they give discounts usually a 5% saving.

Buy second hand
Instead of buying new furniture etc, try the second hand dealers. Garage sales would be even cheaper. You can always dress them up with a coat of fresh paint or varnish. Put new handles on them. It’s amazing what a difference it makes. And the money you save your self goes into your account. Don’t cheat the savings by not banking the money you have saved yourself.

Turn off lights
Electricity bills are expensive. You can save more than you realize by turning of lights when you leave the room. Turn of the microwave before going to bed. Turn off the computers and the printers instead of leaving them in energy saver mode. Also, all those other household items, that don’t require resetting every day. Use a lower powered electric kettle and turn that off at the switch at night.

Save water and the environment
Fix the dripping taps they waste water. The dual flush reduces waste on toilet systems.
Use a bucket in the shower to catch excess water and use on garden. When it rains, place buckets etc under an overhanging roof to catch more water. You can use the Gray water from the washing machine or bath on your garden.

Pensioners discounts
If you are a pensioner; check out if you are eligible for pensioner discounts on any of the following:
Driver and vehicle licenses
Water Rates
House rates
Electricity Accounts

If you’re not sure what discounts you are entitled too, you need to ask, it doesn’t cost anything.