How to Survive and Make the most of Sales in Shops and Stores

Everybody loves a sale right? Wrong, in fact some people positively loathe sales, which is understandable as they can get incredibly hectic and sometimes, you have to root right through to find something you might like.

But there are so many secret tips and hints that can help you get the most from your sales shopping experience and hopefully make it more pleasant.

Wear tight clothes.

Leggings or a short skirt with tights will make trying things on so much easier.

Changing rooms tend to get really crowded in the sales and you could be waiting forever to get a cubicle.

If you wear clothes like leggings, you can just pop a pair of trousers over the top whilst knowing that they will still fit and you can do it in the middle of the store without embarrassment

If you are shopping on a budget, ONLY take that amount of money with you, do not take your cards either, you will blow your budget if you do!

Remember one important shoppers rule, it’s not a bargain If you won’t wear it, think about the rest of the clothes in your wardrobe, will this go with ANY of them? Will you have to buy a whole other set of clothes to accommodate it? Is it too loud for you? Too plain? If you buy it, and it just hangs in your wardrobe it’s not a bargain, it’s a waste.

You may want to take a friend/partner/child with you when you go shopping, but if you can (I know you can’t always) go by yourself, when someone goes with you, you feel rushed and like they are waiting for you, and you get rushed into making decisions which you might regret.
There’s no such thing as beating the crowds in sales, it’s always crowded, but if you leave it too late to go shopping, there’s very little left. I’m afraid the best option is to go early and put up with the crowds. Find out what times the store you want to go to open and try to get there for when they do.

Make sure you eat something, this is a mistake that many people make during a sale, they skip breakfast in order to get there early and they end up getting exhausted very early on.

Make sure you take a drink and a snack with you to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated.

If you have seen something you really love in the sale and you know you will wear it, get it! It will be gone by the time you get back if you don’t.