How to Survive even Thrive in Difficult Economic Times

Some say our American sense of entitlement won’t survive our economic facts. They say we are brats, and because of that, our recession is headed for depression. In fact, some even believe this will be the demise of our way of life and our democracy will succumb to a socialistic government. According to some, the facts for the USA seem to lead to doom and gloom. Even so, no matter what they say, we are free to choose to look through an American view.


Although it’s true that we’ve behaved in spoiled ways and we do have to face the big mistakes we made, it’s wise to keep in mind why Americans always survive hard times. There’s one fact that remains the same. The USA is based on hope and faith.

When Americans survive hard times, we come out on the other side to thrive. We learn from the past, face the facts and move on to thrive as abundantly blessed Americans. Still, we must remember the facts that did that. It’s not the government who bails us out. It’s not the republicans or the democrats that change the facts. It’s us. We produce the hope and faith it takes to survive and thrive.


A sense of hopelessness leads to the demise of life, but when we hold onto hope, we are revitalized within hard times. Fear will at least create monsters in our minds, but the good news is that Americans are brave. and because of our courage, we are free to achieve impossible dreams. That’s why the key to surviving an economy crisis will be to hold onto hope. With a hopeful mind, we can see beyond the facts of today to the day when the economy begins to thrive. To get to there, we have to go through the issues, but when we come through, we are more blessed than before the crisis.

Surviving leads to the amazing grace it takes to thrive. It’s amazing grace that takes an economic demise to a blessing in disguise, so when we keep these American character traits in mind, what we survive will be the very thing that makes us thrive.


Amazing grace means we are able to see the endless possibilities that would otherwise seem impossible to achieve. We’ll know what to do to decrease our debt and to increase our assents. We’ll learn to be content and how to simplify our lives. We’ll begin to look through a new view of reality that in fact, simplicity can lead to even more than before. We’ll learn to give more than we take, for the sake of the USA. We’ll see the American dream will always be what is best for all.

Hope shows the way to amazing grace, because you see, hope gives us the ability to believe that we are worthy to receive the American dream and it becomes a predetermined destiny. When we get to the other side of hard times. God always provides the amazing grace it takes for Americans to thrive with peace of mind while we survive.