How to Survive the 2008 Financial Meltdown

As Americans come face to face with the financial demise of our greed and need to achieve the American dream, we must first remember the past facts. Our forefathers survived much harder times than these, believe me, so we should first refuse to panic. Fear tends to spread doom, gloom and dread, but with history’s tips, we can survive anything and even our own greed, if we choose to see and believe the fact that we’ve been overly spending and overly lending to the point of excessively believing, “It’s all about me and my American dream.”


Today I see more clearly it’s not all about me and my own American dream, but I need to think of my entire country when I choose to forget the fact that we are running out of the American resource we need to produce the gas we waste every day by driving huge gas guzzling SUV’s aimlessly through our American streets. That’s why my new American dream will be more economically, fuel saving. I might even choose to walk sometimes, instead of starting up my new pint size car just to go down the road. That way, I can still say that I’m free to go where I want to go, as long as I know how to freely go, economically.

If we all cooperate the way Americans did in the old days, we might begin to appreciate what they sacrificed for us to live and breathe freely today. They worked hard and earned the homes they owned, not through credit, but through blood, sweat and tears which took years. There was no such thing as immediate gratification in the old days, but the American way was to sacrifice the need to achieve immediate, “things,” and the time it takes to save.


We don’t need to be so afraid of societies far away, because you see, it’s us we need to be afraid of. Roosevelt tod us long ago that the only thing we need to fear is fear itself. When we face our fears, the monsters we create won’t bite our behinds all the time, and we might even find that other societies won’t hate our guts so much. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that we’d all be less afraid of terrorists attacks if we finally deal with the fact that we are running out of gas. We’ll never change Arabian ways, but we can change our American way.

Americans are brave when they are willing to do what it takes to keep the American dream alive by sacrifice and serving the nation through an unselfish view. As JFK wisely advised, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” We might add to that fact that we can’t assume other countries need to do for us what we refuse to do too. The reason we have so much abundance in the land of the free is due to the fact that brave Americans sacrificed and saved. so that we could have the abundance we enjoy today, so don’t be afraid to sacrifice, serve and save. The fact remains that this is and has always been the American way of achieving American dreams.


Some Americans are republicans and some are democrats. Some choose to look through an independent view, but we are all Americans who need to behave in cooperative and supportive ways. Otherwise, we create our own demise, through hate. When we think and believe through a self righteous view that only I can be right, or that we are each entitled to everything heaven, earth and the universe has to offer, we make the big mistake of believing that we are more superior than we really are. Maybe we’ve become blind, through our greed and need to achieve what we think should be the American dream, that we can’t see the reality that we’ve achieved too much stuff. For the sake of heaven, earth and the universe, we need to see when enough is enough. Otherwise, we leave nothing behind for our children to achieve as future adult Americans.

We can’t blame and shame our nations or its leaders for the fact of what we freely choose to do. The fact remains that no one stuck a gun to our heads and said, “Go ahead and buy that home on a loan you’ll never be able to repay.” We don’t know how to save in the USA, and as long as we believe that we need to achieve the American dream immediately, we will continue to lose and abuse what Americans sacrificed in the past, so the American dream could last. We’ve become spoiled brats. That’s a fact we have to face before it’s too late.


It seems to me there’s nothing patriotic about the hate, shame and blame we choose to place on those who are still willing to lead our country. Being free citizens means we have the right to vote, so vote, and then when the results come in and whomever wins, choose to believe the majority just might be right. If we are wise and stand behind whomever wins the next election, we might find that either candidate might be a great President of the USA. Maybe each will be as brave as we are willing to be when we, the people, agree to remain a cooperative nation with citizens who strive to do what is right for all involved.

Let’s choose not to dishonor our nation through hate and judgmental condemnation. For freedom’s sake, let’s use our voice to speak wisely, for more and against or anti less. Let’s think through a positive American view of what will benefit all, instead of through a self serving view or a know it all. You see, our society can only be changed and rearranged, by changing one mind and life at a time and improving our own personal views of what it means to achieve the American dream..

To Conclude:

Today in the USA we are still the most abundantly blessed nation on earth, but for what it’s worth, we must be willing to pay the price. Through self sacrifice and giving back, due to the facts of the past, along with an attitude of gratitude for those facts, we might find even more to be grateful for. Someday soon, maybe our children will too. So, please achieve your American dream wisely, and through your new and insightful view, you’ll serve your country too.