How to Teach your Children about Making Investments

Teaching children about making investments is good way to secure your child’s future. Children who learn to make investments at a young age put themselves ahead of the curve. Teaching investments is a good way to involve a child with the real world. There many types of investments children can learn about such as IRA, 401K, stock, real estate, starting up a business and etc.


Teaching children about IRA’s is a good way for a child to learn about saving and reaping dual benefits such as a tax deduction and collecting interest. IRA’s can make the difference from an individual being a one tax bracket. Example: Lets say you inform child to max out your IRA. Maximum deduction for an IRA is about $5000- if you are making $40,000 you will be bumped down to $35,000 when it is time to do your taxes. Teaching kids about making investments keeps them from impulse spending and making better financial decisions.


Teaching children about 401K is a good way for a child to build their retirement account faster. Since we live a time period where social security can no longer be looked at as a viable option, kids must learn to invest money into their 401K. Most companies offer a pretty good match which allows for you to build you retirement account a lot faster. Even if a child decides they will not retire instead they will work part-time, having a 401K account is good supplemental income.


Investing in stocks at a young age is a good way for a child to understand how the world works around them. Stocks like real estate is a reflection of how well the economy is doing. There are instances where certain companies thrive in a poor economy, but that should be an indicator of how you should spend your money. Stocks is one the easiest ways to achieve wealth if done correctly.

Real Estate

Although many individuals are now hesitant about real estate there are still positives a child can learn from this investment. Real estate teaches a child to look at everything such as the neighborhood, schools and other things associated with picking out good property. Real estate is a good way to teach management skills.

Starting up a business

Teaching a child to how to start a business is a good way for them to secure their own future. Starting up a business allows for them to see how the world works around them like no other investment. Children who learn how to start up their own business usually become conscious spenders.

Teaching your children about making investments is a step in the right direction with securing their future. Investments will teach kids how their money should be spent. Good luck!