How to Teach your Young Children to be Money Smart

Money attracts money. The more money you have then the more you will attract. It is with this in mind that children must be taught to think about money with respect.. They must be able to save what they earn – and  to be taught to spend their money on what they need – instead of what they want. Only then will they see their savings grow..  

Getting your child to save at the earliest opportunity  will give them a respect for money that should last them a lifetime.  It is all about teaching your child not to spend money needlessly. Parents must take the responsibility, and also lay the foundations down within their children – that will see them in good stead.. 

Being taught to save money at an early age will, in turn, produce real savings for the long-term future The jar or the piggy bank is the beginning of their early stages of saving their money. This then leads to opening up a bank account for your young saver and this too will see their money eventually mount up. Children must be taught, at the earliest opportunity, how to become ‘money smart’.

This means that rather than wasting their money on things that they really do not need, they could invest their money in order to bring in more finances. Teach your child how to attract and accumulate wealth towards themselves – instead of showing them how to waste money.

Watching their money mount up are only their first steps into the world of savings. Once they learn how to save, and gain a respect for money that should last them a lifetime,  then they will never be short of money.  Teach them how money, when used in the correct way, can attract more money. Teach your child that speculating [investment]  can lead to accumlating for their long-term financial future.

Teach them how to turn one dollar into four, four into eight and so on. Teach them how they could make a profit on what  they save – and indeed what they spend, on items that could make them more money in the future [investing].

It is all about laying the right foundations for them to understand money, and how money could work for them.. Teach your child that in order to save their money, and attract more money toward themselves, they must spend with joy, not fear. This sounds like a contradiction.  However, it has been found that the more people give their money with joy, to things that will enhance their lives for the better, the more they will attract money back to themselves. It becomes almost like a boomerang affect.

Teach your child to spend their money, as explained above, on things that will enhance their life. Teach them to spend money with joy, not fear, but only on those things that will markedly improve their life. Indeed, it has also been found that ’giving’ is one of the core principals to attracting money. Children need to be taught this at the earliest opportunity.

However, your child must also be taught that if he or she has fear, when they spend, then this shows to the universe in general, that they are not really serious in saving money. This goes for adults too. Spend your money with joy, knowing that those things you purchase will enhance your financial life for the better.

This then will attract more money to yourself. This is because you are showing to the universe [the money energy within the universe] that you are serious in wanting to attract finances toward yourself. So, those of us who have children, must teach them to spend their money on the things that will help them achieve their aim. 

Teach your child to spend money with joy, not fear. When fear is present it negates the money energy that we – or our child – may carry. Fear is the anti-thesis of everything positive in this world and this life. So our children must be taught that spending money to enhance their financial lives in the right way, will bring positive feelings. This, in turn, will attract more money.

We must also teach our children to give generously to charity.   This premise is true, that the more we give the more we receive. And it is true in the line of money also. Teaching our children to care for their community by giving what money they have – and their time – will not only make them feel better about seeing others gain joy from their help, but will also, attract more money back toward themselves too.

Like all things in the world, money is an energy source. And as we all know, energy can be repelled or attracted. The money energy that exists throughout the universe is real, and it does work. However you and your child must be in the right frame of mind to not only save – but spend [invest] in the right way too. As in saving, they way we s[emd attracts more money to not only ourselves, but our children too – if we lay the foundations within them that will see them in good stead for their financial future.