How to tell if your Neighbors are using Drugs

I have an idea for you, get a life. Why do you care if your neighbors use drugs? I mean if you live next door to Scarface, that may be a different story, but otherwise why do you care? What are you gonna do, start calling the police on your neighbors for things you suspect they might be doing? That’s what the Nazi’s did.

I love when people get all judgmental on the drug subject. These people seem to be totally ignorant to the facts related to this issue. The most dangerous and prevalent drugs are LEGAL. Alcohol kills more people than crack cocaine and heroin combined every year, yet it is the most socially acceptable of any drug. I bet you will find more people living next door to raging alcoholics than you will find meth heads or any other kind of drug, and these cases seem to be confined to mostly poor urban or rural areas whereas alcohol pervades every level of our society.

You are also sold more drugs on television than could ever possibly be sold by the hippie who lives next door to you that you seem so worried about. That little narcotic butterfly will fly into your bedroom every night and put you to sleep with only some risk of dependency, yet you seem to care nothing about that. Doctors who are owned by drug companies dispense these drugs at will, totally legal, and with the help of advertising.

The abuse of these drugs is rapidly overtaking “illegal” drugs as the fastest growing problem among youth, yet you sit and look out your window with phone in hand ready to turn in your neighbor for smoking a little pot in his own home? I find it unbelievable that the public is so easily manipulated on this issue. I also find it amusing that in a “free” country we are even having this discussion. If drug users commit crimes, they should be treated like criminals, but just the act of taking a drug is not, and should not be considered, criminal.

Contrary to popular belief, not all people who use drugs are bad people. In fact, many successful and creative people have used drugs over history to enhance their perceptions and shed the limitations of thought put upon you by the establishment of many societies. Some have used drugs for religious and ceremonial purposes. Me, I just think alcohol is disgusting poison, and I prefer to unwind every once in a while with a little toke. I need it after reading some of the uninformed drivel on this site. I have to go now, I think my neighbor is looking at me through the window across the street……………..