How to tell if your Neighbors are using Drugs

If you are concerned that your next door neighbour is using drugs, it is probably worth thinking about WHY it is that you are worried before you start spying on them. Are they friends with your child? Are the police regularly in attendance? Are you concerned that they may be damaging your property? If they are in fact, not causing any disturbances, it may well be worth stepping back and admitting to yourself that it would cause more trouble then it’s worth to snoop or take any kind of action.

I’m not suggesting that drug users are dangerous. The statistics regarding drug related violence do not cover the many thousands of “pot” smokers who have the odd smoke in their home, and never disturb or threaten their neighborhood. In fact, if they keep themselves to themselves, why end up on an awkward footing? It’s not nice to be sniping at your neighbor, it’s worse still to be called a “nosy busybody”. You will find your social invitations take a notable nosedive if people are worried you will go through their bathroom cabinets when you are round for tea, no matter how outwardly supportive they seem to be.

If your neighbors are making a lot of noise and threatening people, or trashing peoples propery, then call the police. These are illegal actions in themselves and the police will deal with them as such. You have a right to live in a peaceful area and to walk out of your own home without harrassment.

Should your child be spending time with next doors kids, and you are concerned that there may be drugs used on the property then firstly ask your child. If you do not believe your child then do the obvious and have a quick snoop in their room. Large ciggarette papers, small portions of strong smelling plant in bags and odd looking tar coated pipes (or, god forbid, needles) are a dead giveaway. If you simply have to know about your neighbours then there are obvious signs.

*A strong smell of “weed” (if you truly haven’t smelt weed, then it smells like tomato plants. If they actually grow tomato plants that would be the cause of the smell!).

*Lots of people coming in and out of the property. It’s worth noting that this is often the sign of drug dealing, however, appearance of the visitors is not a reliable guide, people are in and out of my house all the time (many with body piercings and unusual clothing) and I neither take nor deal drugs.

*A window constantly open emitting wisps of smoke all day.

*Pizza delivery, every other night.

*The neighbors kids (or them) acting peculiarly (I’m talking painting the fence in bright colors at here, not putting up a hammock at lunchtime).

*In extreme cases, track marks (mosquito bites on the inner arms) are a sign of heroin use.

*If you spot your neighbour with white powder caked around their nostrils, or holding a big fat “spliff” then you can be 100% sure they are taking drugs. If you need me to tell you this I strongly suggest you read the news more often.

But, as I have said, if they aren’t actually disturbing you..

Why interfere with their private lives?