How to use a us Savings Bond Calculator

If you are the owner of Us Savings Bonds and need to find out how much your bonds are worth, or how much interest is currently paying to your bonds, the quickest way is to use the Savings Bonds Calculator by logging onto you can automatically find of the value of each bond. I have bought several bonds through payroll deductions and I can find out what they are worth without the hassle of going to the banks. The bonds calculator is accessible 24 hours a day and is very convenient to use, If you are bond holder you will become very familar with this site because you need to know how much you are worth.

To use the Bonds Calculator first sign on to The Treasury website go inter Individual if you are an Individual holder- next going int Tools then click on Savings Bonds Calculator . After you have done this a small table will open up where you can enter the Denomination , Series Numbers, Face Value of the Bond and the Issued Date of the bond. The table allows you to enter additional Denomination and gives the value and interest of bond up to date if the bond is payable in the right hand corner of the table will give the number P5 , when it is not payable will give the lettering NE.

The Savings Bonds Calculator comes with its own user manual and there is customer service online to assist with any questions you may have. I am a frequent user of this site it is like my very own banking center . I am able to determine how my nest of eggs are growing which bonds that I should keep and which one I may need to cash in; and you are able to save information from the site inorder to plan ahead or do a comparsion study. This site is so easy to use anyone can use it as long as you are able to access the internet. The Savings Bonds Calculator serve a planning tool; you can plan longterm savings base on the information you get from the calculator.

The Savings Bonds Calculator can help you prepared for the future this is a great tool to use because, you can use it as often as you please at no charge. It is convenient and personal and confidential in the privacy of your own home you do not have to go to a bank with the public. To find out the information you need it lets you know when your bonds are no longer earning interest: when the bonds are matured so you do not have to play the guessing game because it is all set up and calculated by the issued date and denominations of the Saving Bonds.