How to use Online Pay to Pay Bills

For those people who earn money online, using your online pay to pay bills presents certain challenges. These challenges are not difficult to overcome if you know the steps that are required.  Here are the steps you need to take to use online pay to pay bills.

Set your bank account up in PayPal

For those who receive their online pay via PayPal, the option of linking your checking account to your PayPal account is available. Once your earnings are credited to your PayPal account, you may request a transfer to your checking account. It may take as many as three business days for your PayPal earnings to clear your checking account. Once this is done you may write checks or use online bill payment.

Sites that offer ETF

Some online writing sites offer the ability to transfer earnings directly to your bank account through electronic fund transfers (ETF). For freelancers, this means that their earnings would be credited to their accounts usually within twenty four hours of the request being submitted. You may then use your online pay to pay bills by writing a check or by using your online bill payment option.

Credit or debit card option

For those who receive online pay through PayPal or other online accounts, many of them offer a debit card option or credit card option. Some bills may be paid via credit card on a specific date of the month (for example some electric providers, magazine subscriptions or cable companies may offer this option).  If you apply for a PayPal debit or credit card this may allow you to use your online pay for bill payment.

Understanding limitations

Regardless of how you intend to use your online pay to pay bills, you will have to understand the limitations that are inherent to receiving your pay online.  PayPal may limit the amount of money you can withdraw in any one day (even to your bank account). 

Those who have set up automatic bill payments through their bank account for their monthly bills should take into consideration any potential delays in receiving their online pay in their accounts. Though most online pay is received on time, there are times when it may be delayed for any number of reasons.


Today, more people are turning to the Internet as a method of earning money.  For many, this is the first time that they have been paid online.  Those who intend to use their online pay to pay bills will need to understand completely what days they are to be paid, how to transfer money to their bank accounts and the other options available to enable them to use online pay to pay bills.