How to use Printable Grocery Coupons

Why pay retail if you don’t have to?  Online printable grocery coupons can be used to save money on food, personal care products, pet supplies, and household products.  They are every bit as useful and valid as those found in the Sunday paper, in the mail, and in store fliers.  The following will examine how to find, download, and print online printable grocery coupons.

Find your coupons of choice:

Several manufacturers’ websites and sites specifically focused coupons are abundant sources of printable grocery coupons.  There are all-purpose coupon websites that carry a number of discounts for a variety of items, such as and  These sites are free and most require no registration.

However, there are better places for printable grocery coupons if searching for specific items.  Product-specific coupons can be found directly on many brand websites like Kellogg’s, Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Kraft, Green Giant, and various others.  These are the best sites to search when you already know what you are looking for.  Store-specific coupons, such as Stop & Shop coupons, Publix coupons, and others can be obtained by signing up for the store’s email newsletter.  In addition, these sites are often good sources of online coupon codes for saving money while shopping on the web.

Download the coupon software:

A few individual retailers or product sites provide readily printable grocery coupons, but most require their site’s software to be downloaded in order to view and print them.  After making your selections, simply click download, follow the instructions, and install the software.  Product or manufacturers’ websites will often require registration to view or be emailed their discounts.

Print them out:

When printing out your coupons, any standard printer will work.  You can print coupons using black and white or color ink. The color isn’t important because all that matters is that the critical information is there: the name of the product or store, the specifics of the discount (the percentage or dollar amount of the discount and the expiration date), and a clearly visible bar code that can be scanned.  Without all components, the coupon is invalid, so give them a look over after they are printed.  At the store just use them as you would a typical cutout coupon.

Online printable grocery coupons are readily available for a wide variety of products.  Coupon websites are like a modern Sunday newspaper.  The discounts are there for the taking; it’s only a matter of taking a few minutes to look for them.