How using a Pushbike can Save you Money

The pushbike as we know it has existed for nearly 200 years and yet it has a powerful and hidden secret. It can actually save you vast amounts of money. Running a pushbike, in contrast to a car, or using public transport, is amazingly cheap. Apart from a few mechanical considerations such as oiling the chain and gears, ensuring the tightening of bolts, and the brakes work sufficiently, its low maintenance remains extraordinary. You don’t need a deep understanding of mechanics to complete these simple tasks.

When using a pushbike you will improve your health through cardiovascular exercise, and build up your immune system. These help strengthen your resistances to common illnesses and thereby save you money on medications and days off from illness. By becoming active you will notice your mental outlook on life becoming more acute. Depression and signs of anxiety will greatly reduce, further allowing you to divert time and money to other aspects of your self-development.

With the petrol and diesel prices rising rapidly, cycling on your pushbike will greatly subsidise the amount of money you spend on your car as a mode of transport. You’ll no longer express concerns about repairs, servicing, fuel prices, MOT (Ministry of Transport tests) and insurance. Simply by using a bike you will eliminate all of the costs associated with your car from your budget. Not only will you experience financial freedom from increasing car costs but you’ll also help to preserve the planet and reduce carbon emissions.

If you desire living free from city congestion charge zones, rising public transport costs, and parking fees, then cycles offer the best solution. Many places of work do not have free-parking areas so cycling can help eliminate this often forgotten cost from your yearly budget.

Surprisingly, it’s easy to cover a distance of 16km easily within one hour on a pushbike. This range will help your health and your finances, but of course you do need to plan your journey effectively to ensure you arrive in time.

With the addition of a front-basket or trolley for behind the pushbike it’s feasible to use your cycle for shopping. By limiting the physical space available for your shopping you will also save money on your weekly shop.

These financial considerations can give your budget a healthier outlook over the course of a year. The additional savings can be used to provide a holiday treat for you and your family. Saving money with a pushbike really is so easy it’s surprising more people aren’t doing it.