Husband Spending – Husbands

As the wife and mother of the house, I am told by my husband quite often that I spend too much money.  My husband can have a twenty in his wallet at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week, it is more likely than not that the twenty will still be there in his wallet.  For the life of him, he cannot figure out how I am able to spend twenty a day sometimes.  With this being said, I would like to give a better understanding of what the job of wife and mother is.  This is to make sure that everyone has everything that they need every day.  Yes, it seems like I am constantly spending; but on what?  It’s the necessities.  I am getting gas to run the children here and there, picking up that loaf of bread my husband asked me to pick up, paying for the kids lunches and whatever else comes my way.  This is my everyday routine, and I know I’m not alone on this. 

My husband on the other hand, yes still has that twenty in his wallet, as I have stopped at least 3 times that week to pick him up something.  These things don’t matter much to me, but when the debate is on as to who spends more money, I feel very strong that it’s the husband.   Though the wife may spend more “often” the husband generally spends more “money”. 

I absolutely love going shopping with my husband! Though if it was to happen too often we would be broke.  Husbands are very much impulse buyers; where wives will generally bring along a list, pen and calculator.  If the store is advertising it on sale, than husbands think that it has got to be a good deal and therefore will begin the process of buying yet another item that wasn’t originally on the “list” but now seems to be a must have.

It’s not a debate on the quantity of who gets more, but who is spending more.  Where the wife may get new towels to hang in the restroom, curtains for the living room or even a new purse, the husband is buying those large ticket items; lawn mower, golf clubs, that new tv or the retro jersey that he just has to have to put in a picture frame for the “man cave”.   The fact is, we all like to spend money, but wives have the budgeting and task list in place and cannot veer off of those too far where the husbands are impulsive and sometimes forget to look ahead to what is going on to see if the money could be used elsewhere instead and spending a lot more when doing so.