Identity Theft Identity Theft Insurance

Identity Theft, many of us find out that someone we know or ourselves are affected by it. A big question many people as is why? Well because technology can be great but it’s also filled with people who will do anything to get money. But it’s also people who aren’t careful and lend out too much personal information.

Many of us find ourselves thinking the normal cliché. “That won’t happen to me.” Well I’m sure that the other 25,000 people who were robbed of their identity thought that too.

That’s right, last year the Justice Department estimated that 25,000 individuals were robbed of their identity. Those are better odds of winning the jackpot in the lottery, but this chance none of us want to take.

Most of the cases of indentify theft involve just a stolen credit card number. Others can be more serious such as taking your whole identity. That’s right this could involve just opening a bank account to buying a car in your name! The important thing is prevent it from happening. The damage done will depend on how soon you catch them!

This of course caused a business to be created, identity theft insurance. Many people will pay a few bucks a month in order for your credit to be safe. Most policies enable you to be more in control of your credit while keeping it safe. If for some reason your identity is stolen then your insurance will take care of it!

So how do you prevent your identity from being stolen? Be careful when you are purchasing items! When people tell you not to pay attention to the fine print read it! Make sure you know what you are buying. Your identity theft insurance can’t break a contract.

Another thing you need to do is keeping track of your expenses. Resolving an identity theft problem can become costly. If you have insurance though you’re deductible can be as cheap as $250.

The Federal Trade Commission says that the average victim of identity theft can spend at least $1,500 trying to solve the issue! In this kind of recession many of us are trying to find ways to keep are money safe this is why identity theft insurance is vital!

A big problem is dealing with credit cards. If you have gotten your identity stolen via credit card it’s always more of a hassle. The reason is because creditors don’t want to deal with you no matter what you claim. All the creditors want is money and they will be hard to deal with on bogus charges and such.

So what’s the first step in finding out if you’re protected? Check your homeowner’s policy you maybe already covered! Also many credit cards have built in identity theft protection for you using their card. Other credit cards will let you know when unusual purchases have been made on your card or account.

It doesn’t matter if you have identity theft insurance or not the point is to be careful. Just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful with your personal information.