If i Leave my Job what happens to my Health Insurance

Here is what happens to your health insurance…..

You keep paying unless you get sick or injured, in which case your health insurance gets canceled. Sorry. Sales-persons and true believers; you have been sold down the pike….

Unless you were an executive of a Fortune 500 company and someone might care if any one knew that you had been sold out, your health insurance is a very bad joke. This joke keeps highly inexperienced MBA grads and Health Policy geeks in International Trips and fully funded research stipends.

How will you pay to enforce the terms of what you soon discover is a very well crafted “loser’s contract?” They know if you have no job you cannot pay an attorney enough to stare down all of the legions of Attorneys on staff at the major insurers.

Perhaps you believe there are laws covering the behavior of the health insurance companies? Why then, would they need so many attorneys?

Unfortunately, if you leave your job and you have no media value to your company you are in an old fashioned shoot out. You pay for one “hired gun” who goes up against 50 or 100. You still pay your hired gun after he loses. The best part for him is that he really isn’t dead! He just took more of your savings (while you were sick, injured or unemployed) to his bank!

Don’t worry, your health insurance will be fine if you leave your job. It is your health that you should really be concerned with.