If you get a little Fender Bender should you Call your Insurance Company

We have seen the little old lady back her brand new Lincoln into a nearby parked car as she is gracefully trying to maneuver out of her parking space at the local Walmart or Pharmacy. She can hardly believe what has happened herself so the shocked often angered owner of the nearby car can’t be expected to handle the situation rationally can they? The little lady is in disbelief as the other car calls her a careless half blind old prude!

The question remains should you call your insurance company. Situations such as this one needs to be reported even if it is only a minor fender bender. Why? Because neither person involved in the accident has the patience or know how to correctly handle obtaining the other persons information and diffusing the situation. When we are upset, confused, or angered our temper gets away with us leaving us making decisions we may not later be happy with. When put in a situation such as an accident we often find that these emotions cloud our natural ability to handle the situation. We can have peace of mind that the accident will be taken care of properly if we call our insurance company to guide us or to take over and handle the accident on their own.

All accidents do not get reported to insurance carriers. Sometimes you or the other driver may be able to control your emotions and properly deal with the situation. If you can both act as adults and handle the situation there may be no need to call the insurance company. Each of the vehicles involved may be old clunkers and neither party want to report it because they fear an increase in insurance premiums. Should you or another driver decide that the insurance company not be contacted each party in the accident should exchange driver and vehicle information while making note of the day and time the accident occurred. Should you ever need the information then you will have it. Be aware that many times problems will present themselves at a later date and unless the police are called there is no written record of what occurred at the accident scene and it will be your word against theirs. Refusing to turn in an accident no matter how small can end up being a lot more trouble than the increase in insurance premiums.

Should you ever hit someone else’s car make sure to notify the driver. Take responsibility for your own actions. Be prepared that the owner of the car may not be happy when you deliver the news to them. Make sure they know that you are willing to report the accident if they wish to do so. Should they choose not to report the accident use your own discretion but make sure to change information should anything arise at a later date that the information is needed.