Important Reasons Government should not be Involved in Health Care – No

Why should America adopt a course of action that has never worked anywhere it has been tried?  The United Kingdom and Canada have nationalized health care systems that are failing their citizens.  Not only do the people receive less care, the quality, in many cases is sub-standard.  If one were to actually dig deep, horror stories from both countries would compel U.S. citizens to think more carefully about what the minority in this country wishes to infuse by replacing one of the best health care systems in the world.

Take populations, for example.  The United Kingdom sports about 61 million people.  Canada, on the other hand, is less densely populated and only supports around 33 million.  Enter the massive United States with roughly 304 million, excluding the loosely bantered about figure of 14 million illegal aliens.  There are striking differences in the sizes of these populations.  Granted, a portion of the U.S. population is already covered by private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.  The middle class is poised to pick up the tab for the wealthy (read government workers), the elderly and the poor.  The tax burden for government run health care would be insurmountable and clearly unsustainable because there cannot be real economic recovery at the same time.  The country and its people will enter an indefinite period of stagnation due to economic repression brought on by the overburdening health care disaster.

The feasibility of the government efficiently running any health care system is frightening given the manner in which current fraud and abuses are left unchecked.  If a price tag is provided, you can bet the farm on the fact that it will actually cost double that figure.  Nothing coming out of Washington these days should be taken as the truth because those in power must lie to the people, as they have always done, to get their agenda passed.

Stating you can keep your current insurance is another one of the blatant lies.  You may be able to “temporarily” keep it, but you’ll pay higher premiums and a 40% tax.  Employers will eventually dump their costly plans and everyone will be forced onto a government plan.  Currently, Congress says there is no public option in their bills.  This remains to be seen and one must read the final bill closely to uncover hidden triggers that will force our people onto some sort of public option.  Whether it is an exchange, co-op, pool or entity called by some other name, it’s still a beast of the same color.

Rationalizing that universal health care will be affordable for all is yet another twisting of the truth.  There is no constitutional mandate that allows the government to impose health care insurance on its citizens.  Current bills in front of Congress however, allow penalties for non-compliance.  At a time of economic recession, massive job loss, and personal struggles to recover, this administration arrogantly thinks that young individuals and families are more than willing to pay thousands of dollars out of their pockets each year in order for everyone to have health care.  The uninformed do not realize that their banking information will be the interest of the government in an effort to take/rob premiums directly from them.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall when that is instituted and realized

Another slippery slope which a government run health care system deals with is the inevitable rationing of services, especially for the elderly.  Baby boomers will begin retiring at an alarming rate and flooding the already dysfunctional Medicare system.  There will be a comprehensive list of services they will be allowed based on their age, health and nothing else.  They will be denied life saving or life lengthening procedures regardless of income because it will be in the government’s best interest to cut costs and spend those resources on a younger, more productive individual.  Costs are reduced by eliminating the elderly.  There’s no certainty that Americans will embrace this notion if the time actually comes for them to experience it.

Phasing out the elderly means putting a convenient end to those who remember communist Russia, Hitler, Castro, Chavez and some of the other infamous leftist dictators who ruled by Marxism, communism, fascism, and other socialistic agendas.  It is the dumbing down of the American people one generation at a time that will contribute to our demise.  We must fight to keep our history alive and taught in our schools.  We must not allow capitalism to become a dirty word and people must realize it is the only way to prosperity.

The U.S. government has no obligation to pay for the health care of its 304 million citizens on behalf of and at the expense of its taxpayers.  However, there are reforms that need to be made to our current system.  In no way does it require an overhaul which points this country in a socialistic direction.  That would be extremely detrimental to freedoms and liberties we currently experience, much to the dismay of current generations wanting another hand out.  There is so much to lose and absolutely nothing worthwhile to gain.  Yet, insurance premiums do need to be affordable and could be accomplished by the promotion of catastrophic plans.  Policy holders should be required to pay for the everyday office visits, blood work and such.  Placing a limit on the number of visits each person may receive in a calendar year and tracking that information effectively would curb frivolous visits to the doctor for every sniffle.  Allowances and exceptions must be made for serious emergencies or accidents.  If tort reform is not addressed there really is no hope of ever lowering costs across the board.

Universal health care puts America squarely on the path to destruction.  As a society, we have become extremely litigious, which feeds the entitlement nature of the culture liberals have continued to create throughout history.  Personal accountability needs to return to the forefront.  Nearly every nation on this earth has had their reign and the end of America’s world super power days are rapidly approaching as this country gets closer to nationalizing one sixth of its economy against the will of the people.