Incentives that Lead toward Wealth Versus Poverty

Nobody wants to be poor, and that surely is incentive enough to take steps to save money. However, although the idea of being wealthy might be an appealing one, society is very much divided between those who have, and those who have not. Tou can’t always control which side of the line you fall on. There are plenty of people willing to work hard, yet they can only just scrape enough money together to pay their bills, whilst others seemingly do very little work and are rich enough to live more than comfortably. It doesn’t seem very fair, and indeed it often isn’t, but there are ways to make your situation more tolerable.

Clearly, it helps to have an education to be able to earn more money and become a more well-rounded individual. Plus, it also helps to have experience in a field where you’re always going to be in demand. If you’re a highly-skilled individual, be it a plumber or a doctor, then it is going to be easier to find work. Not only that, but because the skills you have to offer are needed by society-at-large, you have the opportunity to earn more money than if you work in a factory or a shop where very few skills are required. If you are on a high salary, you can afford to put some money aside for a rainy day, whilst being able to enjoy all the nice things that having money provides you with.

This may not always be an option though. If you left school with no qualifications, and find yourself stuck in a dead-end job, you could always go back to school and re-train. However, if you work long hours and have a family to take care of, this may not always be practical. You therefore have to learn to manage your money and to make choices that will enable you to live within your means. Although it might be tempting to take out loans and buy stuff using your credit cards, you really don’t want to find yourself with an insurmountable number of bills to pay and large amounts of debt later down the line.

You can still treat yourself to holidays and the latest fashions and gadgets, but you obviously have to be more aware of what you’re buying, so that you can choose the cheapest options. You may have to save before making any major purchases when you’re not exactly rolling in cash, but it is better for your stress levels not to accumulate lots of debt. At least if you live within your means, you will stay in control of your finances. You may not be able to go on holiday as often or to the most exotic locations as somebody rich could, but you will learn to appreciate what you can afford. It is preferable to do this than to spend your time wishing you had more money because this will only make you miserable.