Income Requirements to get Food Stamps in Texas

In order to get food stamps in Texas, households must meet certain maximum income requirements. 

The Texas food stamps program is formally known as the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). Monthly supplements are given to low-income households to purchase food on a scale based on their income, and are limited to a certain period – typically six months, but potentially longer or shorter in specific circumstances. Food payments are placed on the Lone Star Card, the same payment card used for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) welfare program, on a monthly basis.

Texas sets maximum income requirements to qualify for food stamps. An online calculator is currently available to determine whether a particular household’s financial situation qualifies it for food assistance, and, if so, how much. In general, according to the East Texas Food Bank, households are eligible for food stamps in Texas if they have less than $2000 in cash (including all bank accounts) and a monthly income less than $1174 for individuals, or $4010 for a family of eight. Maximum income size varies according to family size; the income requirement for a family of four is $2389 per month. Beyond eight, each additional family member adds an additional $406 to the monthly income cap.

In addition to the income requirements to get food stamps in Texas, the actual amount given varies based on specific income situations, as well as the number of people in needy households. The caps on Texas food stamp benefits range from $200 for individuals to $1202 for a family of eight; a family of four can receive up to $668 per month.

People who live in Texas and wish to apply for food stamps can currently begin their application online, through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission application website, Alternatively, they can prepare a paper copy of the application (an online PDF copy is available) and pursue their application by visiting a Health and Human Services Commission office in person. The Texas government has an office locater online here. After the interview, the office will follow up with an interview to confirm applicants’ proof of identity and income.

In addition to the above standards, a special program is available for families earning less than $150 per month, and with less than $100 in assets, as well as those who earn less than their monthly rental payments. In these situations, the application can be processed more quickly and the food stamp benefits made available sooner.