Income Tax Fraud or is it

We can all agree that exchanging one’s labor for money is a necessity of life. I think it is safe to say that without working, most of us cannot function. This is one of the very essences of what constitutes a right in this country! We have a right to do what we need to do to live life to the fullest and pursue happiness.

So how is something so fundamental as putting food on the table become a mere privilege to be taken and given by the government at will? Why do so many Americans obediently line up to donate half their sweat blood and tears to the government? How is it we accept without argument tax hikes along with cuts to social programs, illegal wars, and the drag on the economy that taxes inevitably produce? Why do we accept the large chunk taken out of our checks without due process, or even explanation?

There is a growing segment of the community that is trying like heck to fight the corruption, pain and suffering that is the “income tax.” It strikes me strange how these people are so often labeled loony toons, yet they are the ones who diligently do research, read statute and court cases, and think the Constitution is a serious part of our government. So far, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, who says “You’re crazy, we all know we must pay taxes,” has never so much as glances at a law book, statute or court case.

Common knowledge is self supporting. If we all insist on telling each other the same lies over and over we surround ourselves to the point where the lie is the only thing we can see. Are people so lazy they can’t stop feeding each other the double think and stop to smell the fraud?

Even if you believe the “income” tax is legal and enforceable- how do you justify the trillion dollar budgets, false war, global domination, domestic domination, and just plain theft from the very dinner plates of our children? Is there anybody out there who is a supporter of the income tax that can show me exactly where in the code it says, every working man woman and child must pay a tax upon the sale of their very labor? Please support it with real fact, law or evidence!