Income Tax Fraud or is it

Taxes – ‘Prima Facie’ – means ‘Presumed to be true’

This dream was my worst nightmare. I woke anxious, frightened and upset this Saturday morning.

The message said all my money would be removed from my bank account. I did not know what would happen or who was going to take my money. It was my last unemployment check and I needed this money for my rent.  The bank was closed on Saturdays. Driving around town to several ATM machines I withdrew all but $50.00.

Monday morning when I checked my bank account the money balance was gone. I could not believe it! After driving to the bank I asked the manager what had happened to the money in my account.

“On June 9, the IRS removed all the money from your account. I don’t have any other details for you.”

The IRS never sent a letter advising me of their intent and I was never contacted after the money was removed. Later that day, I called the Chevy Chase bank and asked for a copy of the IRS letter they received. I was told to request any information from the bank in writing.

I received a response letter stating. “We received a ‘Notice of Levy’ from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) demanding all of the funds that you have on deposit with us. A copy of the Notice is enclosed for your information.”

Included in that letter was a bill for $75.00 dollars. The bank said I had to pay because the IRS took my money. I politely told them they could contact the IRS for those funds!

To this day I have not heard what happened to that money. I never received a letter from the IRS or anyone else in the U.S. Government.

The following is my story and it includes a unique and different slant to the tax issue. Did a higher power in my life know taxes are voluntary? I am grateful for supernatural intervention in my dream.

* * * *

I began conducting my own personal investigation. I have a letter from the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Washington, D.C. – April 24, 1998 from the Assistant Chief Counsel, Acting Chief. 

His third paragraph states, “The Sixteenth Amendment of the Constitution relieved income taxes from the apportionment requirement of Art.”  This is an exact quote. I know the wording sounds very strange. I don’t have a clue what this means.

He never quoted a ‘tax law.’ Why, because it doesn’t exist! Then he went on to quote ‘Section Codes’ in this letter – not a law governing tax collection.

Folks need to know A CODE IS NOT A LAW.

He then stated, “However, payment of the tax is voluntary in the sense that it is a system of self-assessment; citizens calculate the amount of tax that they personally owe and file their returns on their own initiative.”

“Okay,” I said to myself. “Which is it, voluntary or a forced voluntary act?” I decided ours is a government of contradictions!

No one told the American people the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was never ratified – never passed into law. See Bill Benson’s two-volume work entitled, “The Law That Never Was.”  Bill Benson did his own research study into this critical problem. He investigated every state in the U.S. and found that only three states ratified the 16th Amendment to the Constitution.

Let me try an explanation of the IRS codes in as few words as possible so that you may understand.

Wages are earned – income is “other money” from “other sources.” Most people think this must be a joke. No it’s not. Any money from gifts, grants, CD’s or income is taxable. I had to read it over and over myself to clearly understand the meaning.

The money you earn at a job is not taxable because it is a wage that you earn; it is not free money. I know you never heard that before!  What does it mean?  In the Internal Revenue Code, our Congress never defined income, and there have been many court cases that prove wages are not taxable. I could not believe it.

I started asking questions. “Are you sure our taxes are voluntary?”

Barrie Konicov wrote a book out called, “The Great Snow Job, The story of taxes and money, fraud & slavery.”

Interesting I thought. The SUPREME COURT said, “There is a clear distinction between profit and wages, or compensation for labor. Compensation for labor cannot be regarded as profit within the meaning of the law.”

Let me explain in understandable English. What the Supreme Court is saying – you work for your money. I had to read it over and over to actually understand.

On page 29 of his book, “The Great Snow Job,” there is a copy of a newspaper article called, “Washington at Work,” written about Margaret Millner Richardson, the Washington Internal Revenue Commissioner. 

She states in this article, “We realize that for our VOLUNTARY INCOME TAX SYSTEM to survive and for us to accomplish our mission, we need to change the way we do business.” This is a direct quote written in the article by Robert D. Hershey, Jr.

In another Supreme Court case – Fisher v. Redfield (p.39), Barry Konica states, “The individual, unlike the corporation, cannot be taxed for the mere privilege of existing.”

What is our United States government doing? It’s called “Prima Facie.” This means, “Presumed to be true.”

Years ago, I belonged to a writers’ group in Maryland, meeting once a month discussing different issues and who in our group was latest writer to be published. One of the women spoke up and said she had read a couple of articles about voluntary taxes. I perked up right away since I had been in my battle with the IRS for years.

“What magazine?” I asked.

“Connecting Link.”  She was sure this was the magazine.

The next day I went on the Internet, looked up the magazine, praying I would find those two articles. Again, supernatural forces were working. Out of the hundreds listed, I found two listed in different magazines. The first was called, “Caught in the Trap,” by Barrie Konicov – Issue 29, 1995. The second “IRS Taxes Are Voluntary,” by Albert E. Carter – Issue 20, 1992.

Over the years, I have received many certified letters from the IRS telling me how much I owe stating they will take my house, my car, empty my bank account and everything else not nailed down.

The IRS will quote many CODES.  It’s right there on the paper and I’ve got a complete file. Let me repeat this sentence. They quote a Code because they know there is ‘NO law.’

I called the IRS and talked with one of the employee’s. I could not believe I actually got a ‘real person’ on the phone. I had received my latest notice of “We will take everything you own” – in fact, they said I did owe $170.00 dollars. I explained to the IRS person my research into this national disaster as a problem in our government. She placed me on hold. I waited and waited. I thought I had lost her.

She returned to the phone after checking with her supervisor and said – I quote, “Would you like to pay the balance of your voluntary taxes?”

I hesitated for a moment; I didn’t know what these people were going to do to me next. It‘s really sad that this government can cause us so much fear. I could be living on the street for all they cared.

“No!” I said. I knew I was correct on this issue and my facts were indisputable.

Her reply was matter of fact. “Okay, we will place your file on hold and contact you again in six months.”

Six months later they did contact me and six months after that and on and on. This personal story is only a thumb-nail sketch of the controversy surrounding the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Wait till the American people find out that ‘taxes are voluntary on wages’!

‘Prima Facie’ is a word used by the courts. It’s Latin which means, ‘Presumed to be true.’ The greatest tax hoax in American history.

* * * *

Short list of 35 research books:
The Federal Mafia, Irwin Schiff
The Great Snow Job, The story of Taxes and Money, Fraud & Slavery, Barrie Konicov
To Harass Our People, the IRS & Government Abuse of Power, Congressman George Hansen
The Fair Tax Book: Saying Goodbye to the Income Tax and the IRS, Neal Boortz & Congressman John Linder