Increasing Support for American Pride and Patriotism

It has never been more important than it is today to buy American made products. The economy is failing and we are deep in the throes of a nationwide recession. Some people are even beginning to call this a depression. These are difficult times for the country as a whole, and it is up to every American to put as much back into this economy as possible. The way that we can do this is to buy products that are made right here in America, by American companies, with American workers.

Although I am not going to say that the entire economic problem that our country is in is because of job outsourcing and the purchases of products that aren’t made here in our homeland, I am prepared to say that it is certainly a part of the problem. When you buy that toy that has been made in Hong Kong, for example, what have you really done? You have bypassed the American made toy which would have helped to keep an American man or woman in an employed position. You have instead kept a Hong Kong worker employed.

Unemployment rates are higher in the United States today than they have been in a very long time, and it doesn’t appear that they are going down anytime soon. When an American loses a job, which is happening with increasing frequency, what happens to that family and how does this then continue to affect the economy as a whole? First of all, the person has less money than they once did and therefore, they are spending less so there is less going back into the economy. They may not be able to find another job for quite some time and then you end up with a family that needs government assistance. This may be in the form of food stamps, welfare cash assistance, medical assistance, or housing assistance. Whatever form it takes, your tax dollars are what is paying for it. Now, the problem begins to hit home a bit harder, doesn’t it?

Buying American is more than just a symbol of how patriotic you are. It is actually a step that you can take to help to repair the damaged economy of the country. It will keep an American at work. It will save your tax dollar. It will keep more money flowing through the American corporate system. Buy American and you are buying much more than a product, you are buying a financial future.