Indoor Ban of Electronic Cigarettes my Thoughts – No

The only reason anyone would be able to come up with banning electronic cigarettes from indoor facilities, is for psychological reasons. Certain negative- minded persons may feel that electronic cigarettes promote regular cigarettes, or that it would somehow be saving people who don’t know they need to be saved. Others may be under the belief that electronic cigarettes are dangerous in one form or another.

At least unless and until they can be proven harmful to the person using the e-ciggs. So far, from what we know about electronic cigarettes, they are not harmful to the person using them or anyone in the vicinity. This is because they are smoke free, and at most you might see a minute bit of vapor escape from the e-cig or the person using them. This is possible because nothing is burning when you use an electronic cigg. Instead, a small concoction of liquid ingredients are heated up until they vaporize. This leaves behind no smell or pollutants in the area where the e-cigg is being used.

Because e-cigarettes are not harmful to others in the area, there really is no reason for them to be banned indoors. It would be like suggesting that people shouldn’t use cough drops or nasal sprays indoors, which doesn’t make any sense.

In any case, I really feel that our society should not be so worried with banning activities like smoking. It would make much more sense to simply encourage a wider variety of smoke-free and smoking-allowed environments where people could choose to work or enjoy themselves. When we focus on bans and prohibitions, we start alienating people and there is never a good reason for that. Evolution comes through encouragement, not enforcement.

Not to mention, the more we allow to be prohibited, the more liberties our governments take in prohibiting more things. They push it as a “cure-all” to certain problems, and it never is. Prohibitions and bans cost money to enforce, they encroach on everyone’s freedom and then they just end up being un-prohibited later for one reason or another, which also costs more money and resources.

In summary; I do not feel that electronic cigarettes should be banned from any place in particular. They aren’t hurting anyone or polluting the air in the way that regular cigarettes do, and they have helped a lot of people quit normal smoking. Focus on gaining more freedoms for yourself and others, not taking away more.