Inexpensive Funerals

Funeral costs are something that are a real sore spot with me. I know that I love each and every member of my family with all my heart and they feel the same about me. I do not however understand why society seems to feel that I or they should waste thousands of dollars on a funeral when it could be put to much better use. After all when a person is dead they are not too concerned with what they are buried in. After all they are dead!

Funeral homes and businesses really bleed people dry when they are at their most vulnerable. No one needs a $6000.00 casket. They do have much less expensive ones that can be ordered so don’t be conned or shamed into this ridiculous purchase. I for one intend to be buried in a wooden casket that costs much less and is also a lot less damaging to the environment. After all why do many states bury homeless and unclaimed bodies in cardboard if it it not a perfectly acceptable and legal alternative?

My brother has stated his intentions of making his own casket and has not found any law stating that he cannot do this. Don’t get me started on steel or concrete vaults. Talk about environmental damage! Those things last for centuries. Just where do people think the dead bodies are going to go if they are not entombed in a vault? I personally would prefer to let my body fertilize soil and food for the people that are still living than to stay underground for countless decades.

I have always heard it said that funerals are for the living. That is true. I believe you can give a much more valuable tribute to a loved one by helping the living in their name than by burying much needed money just so you don’t look bad in the eyes of others. If my family spends a few hundred dollars to bury me and gives the rest to a living person or family that needs it I will be much happier in my afterlife. Yes, I do believe in the afterlife. I am a Christian who truly believes in Heaven. I do not believe that I will have or need this earthly body there. I believe it is just a vessel for my soul in this world and since I believe this I could care less what happens to it after I am dead. I do want to be put to rest with a little dignity for the sake of my memory and my family. A nice memorial will do just fine.

Since the title of this article is How to Save Money on Funeral Expenses my answer to that is, don’t be too afraid to open your mouth and ask for a cheaper alternative than what is being offered.  In most states even being embalmed is not a legal requirement. This practice is really only needed in cases of rare diseases and if the body is being held for viewing for an extended length of time. So don’t be embarrassed to ask for what you can truly afford. I would never want anyone to go into debt just to put my body to rest. I do however respect that some people will have certain religious beliefs that they will want to honor and that should be an individual choice.