Ing Direct Internet Savings and on Line Checking

Looking for an Internet savings account with a high saving interest rate? What about an on line checking account that outperforms many other interest bearing checking accounts? ING Direct offers two exciting accounts that may be ideal for you!

ING Direct Savings

ING Direct savings accounts, called their “Orange Savings Account” is easy to apply for and links to your current checking or savings account, making transfers and transactions simple. Best of all, this Internet savings account consistently pays a competitive interest rate. This high saving interest rate can help you make significantly more than you would at other institutions.

There are no fees and no minimum balances. The money you deposit into this account is FDIC insured up to the maximum legal limit. There is also no requirement to have any other accounts with ING Direct.

ING Direct Checking

ING Direct offers their “Electric Orange Checking Account.” They are America’s first completely electronic, paperless checking account. Everything is done online and you do not receive paper checks.

You do receive a free check card to make purchases with and On-line banking is free to use. ING Direct also provided P2P- person to person- payment services at no charge, so you can pay anyone anytime from your Electric Orange account.

This on line checking account also earns a tiered rate of interest. The more money you have in the account the higher your rate of interest will be, similar to many other interest bearing checking accounts. This high interest checking account has a very competitive interest rate, in the highest tier it usually pays even more than the Orange savings account.

When this on line checking account says that it is paperless, it means it. There are no paper checks. You can’t even go to a third party check vendor, ING Direct won’t clear any checks written on this account. If you absolutely MUST send a paper check ING can mail one out for you through the on-line banking system.

Internet Savings, On line Checking and Beyond

ING Direct offers these two complimentary products with no hidden fees, no strings attached, and with interest rates that will help you save and make money. Their website is full of wonderful tools to better educate you on money management, and they offer many other financial products.

Save Your Money

ING Direct has always stated that they exist to “help you save your money.” These two products do exactly that, providing a high saving interest rate with no fees or complications. And just as their web site says, “This is the way banking should be. Simple, easy, ING DIRECT. Save your money.”