Injured at Work

There are countless jobs that carry inherent risks such as firefighters, police officers and other law enforcement roles. While the people who enter these professions understand the risks, there are other jobs that present serious hazards that may be overlooked. One of the fields with a high number of accidents is the construction industry. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has records that show that for every one hundred full time workers, four will be hurt on the job. This statistic should be sufficient to frighten anyone who works in the construction industry.

Unsafe equipment, falling from scaffolding, incidents with forklifts and other similar problems occur all the time at construction sites. The more “specialized” the work, the more likely you are to be injured; the same study indicates an uptick of nearly three tenths of a percent in injuries in more specialized construction fields.

Equipment and maintenance failures

Unfortunately, the most rigorous inspection processes cannot always stop equipment failure. Even when a company takes precautions, such as using harnesses and other safety equipment on scaffolding, accidents do still happen. While safety equipment may help minimize the risks, there is still a potential for serious injuries. Here are some of the other things that might go wrong at a typical construction site:

Problems with power tools – power tools can short out and cause electrocution, flying debris from power tools can cause eye, face or head injuries, and they can also cause the loss of fingers, toes and more. Regardless of how well equipment is maintained, the possibility does exist.

Cranes and winches – unfortunately, this equipment must be operated by someone with a high level of training and good safety training. This may not always prevent an accident however, since these large pieces of equipment can tip over and cause not only the operator life-threatening injuries but also may cause injuries to people who are in the general area.

Falling debris – nearly all of us have been in construction zones (or destruction zones!) and seen debris falling from building roofs or open (or unfinished) windows. If the area around the building is not properly corded off, people can get hurt. The velocity of something falling from a roof or upper window can cause head injuries and in extreme cases, can even cause death.

General obstructions – let’s be honest, construction sites often have numerous people working on different projects at the same time. What many companies fail to do is to ensure that the work areas offer sufficient space for navigating around workers and equipment. This can cause trip and fall accidents or other similar accidents.

Ladders – too often, ladder rungs become unstable causing potential hazards. Too frequently these unstable rungs cause people to fall from ladders without any safety net below them. These types of falls can cause life-long disabilities or death.

Water related work and accidents

While most of us think that working near water implies that you are working as a dock worker, fisherman or other occupation, there are countless waterside construction projects that occur all across the United States. These include repairing, building and replacing docks and pilings as well as other construction projects. Unfortunately, there is also an increased potential for accidents when working near the water.

Unsafe platforms – docks, decks and other waterfront structures may have defects which can result in falls and other injuries.

Electrocution risk – clearly if you are working near water, using power tools is more dangerous. The risk of electrocution becomes greater when tools are used in an environment where there is water.

Death risks – death from drowning, falling debris, falls where a worker bangs their head on concrete pilings and other accidents can occur when working on structures near water.

When you are injured at a construction site

Whether you are working at a construction site, passing by a construction site or visiting a construction site, there are numerous ways that you can be injured. When this occurs, you may need help proving that the accident was a result of someone else’s failure to keep the premises safe. This is when it is crucial that you contact a personal injury attorney.

Not all personal injury lawyers can help you get the help you need or the compensation that you deserve. You need a personal injury attorney who knows the laws, understands construction site accidents and understands how to negotiate with insurance companies. Remember, you should never try to negotiate directly with an insurance company since their goal is to make sure they pay as little as possible. Long-term injuries can mean a loss of employment, put your financial future in jeopardy and also mean long-term medical bills. You have a right to be compensated for pain and suffering as well as the right to recoup all costs associated with treatment of your injuries. Call a qualified construction accident lawyer for a  consultation if you have been injured at a construction site. The right personal injury attorney can help make sure that you are fairly represented and that you get the compensation that you deserve.