Instant Credit Repair

If your credit score is weighing you down it is unfortunate but the fact is there is no such thing as instant credit repair. If you see an agency offering to repair your credit rating for a fee then prepare to be scammed. The only ‘almost’ instant credit repair which can be done is to have inaccurate or mistaken information removed from your credit file within 30 days of your reporting it, and there is no need at all to pay a fee for someone to do that for you.

Everyone has a right to one free annual report from each of the three main credit bureaus, Equifax, Transunion and Experian. When you peruse the reports and see mistakes then the bureaus are obligated to remove them. However they are not obligated to remove anything which is accurate as this reflects a true history of how you have handled credit and your credit history is not something you can hide.

What you can do to repair your credit yourself is to start to ensure that all future credit dealings are handled sensibly, as each positive will go towards rebuilding your credit score. Ironically the best way to improve your credit score is to obtain and use more credit, which it is possible to do even with really bad credit. Sub prime lenders target credit cards to people who would not qualify for standard credit due to low credit scores, and even some of the better names in banking offer secured credit cards to allow you to start to establish a good credit pattern.

One factor to bear in mind is that repairing your credit score through credit card use can be costly. As those with bad credit pose more of a risk to creditors there are fees attached to bad credit which are a necessary part of high risk borrowing. Even those who hit a credit score low through unforeseen circumstances rather than bad credit management will find it difficult to repair their credit score unless they opt for the fee paid route.

There is no instant fix, but definite improvement should be seen within a year if you use a reputable secured credit card in the recommended way. Good tips to follow are never use more than a third of your available credit, always pay your monthly balance off in full before the due date so that you avoid any interest fees, and always pay on time. You can also use the services of PRBC, the fourth credit bureau, to work on building an alternative credit report which is used as part of the Fico Expansion score criteria.

You can lose a long held excellent credit score much quicker than you can ever rebuild it, but don’t fall for any agency scams that require a fee or promise a quick fix solution. It takes time to repair credit damage, but it can be done, by judicious use of future credit. Always remember that a card issued for credit repair is valued more highly if it is offered by a bank of good repute.