If you live next to or near to a lake, ocean or river it is quite likely that, at some time within the future, your home will be flooded by one of the same. Violent storms, such as hurricanes, heavy rain and/or snow, can easily be the cause for the total loss of your home and all that is located within and around your home.

Therefore, it is not wise to live within an area that is more or less considered to be a flood plain. Yes, a flood plain is a place where the land is flooded as a result of some such natural disaster which causes a rise of the water level of the body of water that you believe to be a beautiful view from the interior or exterior of your home.

On the other hand, you could be so rich that such a flood event is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Then again, people who live within areas that are likely to flood usually purchase a National Flood Insurance Policy from the Federal Government of the United States of America, for the time when such a flood does cause damage to their home and personal property. That is, if you live within the United States of America.

Such flood insurance can be purchased from any Government authorized independent insurance agent. The annual premium is expensive but how much can you afford to lose. Naturally, the more your home cost the more your annual flood insurance cost will be.

It is a relatively easy matter to determine if your home is likely to be flooded. More often than not, it is quite likely that that particular area was flooded within the past. Believe it or not, such maps of flood plains can be found in your local phone directory, as well as are provided by the people within the County Government in which that flood plain is located.

Keep in mind that, besides the loss of your home and personal property, you will most likely have to find a temporary place to live until your home is fit for Human habitation. The power to the area of the flood will be turned off by the local utility provider, in order to avoid additional loss of life and property and might not be restored to the area for as long as several weeks. Living on a flood plain is a risky thing to do and that is why such flood plain information is easily available.

Rich or not, such flood plain areas should be avoided at all costs. Just ask yourself. “Is that beautiful view truly worth the possible loss of everything I have, including my life?”