Insurance Exclusion Information concerning Vasectomy Reversals

Individuals that undergo a vasectomy can usually have this procedure covered by their health insurance policy. However, when individuals make a choice to have the procedure reversed most health insurance policies typically do not cover the cost. Health insurance policies have a section that will list all exclusions that apply to a health insurance policy which should be reviewed before planning a procedure. Individual’s may require using various financing options to pay for the surgery.

Policy Exclusions

Health insurance policies have a section that is dedicated to exclusions and limitations that apply to the policy. Exclusions are typically procedures and conditions that are not covered by an individual’s health insurance policy. Individuals should review their health insurance policy to verify if a particular type of elective procedure such as a vasectomy reversal is excluded from coverage. However, coverage may be provided for a procedure if it is found to be a medical necessity.

Health Plans

Health plans that include the use of an HMO and PPO will also have certain exclusions and limitations that apply to all types of health insurance policies that are offered. One of the largest HMOs in the United States is BlueCross and BlueShield which offers health care plans in all states. Plans that are offered by HMOs such as BlueCross and BlueShield also do not pay for certain types of elective surgeries such as a vasectomy reversal.


The costs for a vasectomy reversal can vary depending on an individual’s location, the doctor and the hospital that is used. When insurance cannot be relied on to pay for any of the costs individuals can spend between $6,000 and $15,000 for the procedure. Keep in mind that the costs include the fee for the doctor, the cost for the hospital stay and the operating room as well as the Anesthetist.

Reducing Costs

Individuals that wish to have a vasectomy reversal and do not want to pay for the procedure to be performed in a hospital can see if a doctor can perform a day surgery. This is a type of surgery that a doctor will perform at their own office. Individuals that have the choice of using this method can save up to 50% because there are no hospital fees or other payments that are included. Another benefit is that the procedure does not last long and recovery can be done at home.

Payment Options

Individuals have many options available for paying for a vasectomy reversal procedure when insurance is not available. The most common type of payment is by cash or credit card. Some doctors or medical facilities may also have financing plans that are available. Individuals may also inquire about obtaining a loan for the procedure. Another option would be to start a savings account that can be used to help pay for some or all of the cost.