Insurance for the American Traveler

Travel insurance is the last thing most people’s mind while planning a vacation. They’re planning to relax and rejuvenate, not to have an accident or a mishap. Yet, travel insurance can mean the difference between a successful vacation and a disastrous one. We don’t like to think about accidents when we travel, but opportunities for mishaps are everywhere we live, work, or vacation.

When we speak of risk and mishaps, we don’t always mean a major medical disaster. One of the more common risks associated with traveling is loss of luggage. It makes good sense to have coverage that includes personal items as well as medical care.

In the event of an emergency your medical needs are taken care of without delay. If you travel to different countries in particular, international insurance is your best option. Standard domestic policies are not always accepted in foreign countries, and that could leave you with a gargantuan hospital and doctor bill if you’re not properly covered.

In my former occupation, I wrote physician correspondence that included letters for people with chronic heart conditions, those with pace makers, diabetes, asthma, and other serious medical problems that still traveled abroad frequently. High-risk individuals wouldn’t think of traveling without a travel insurance policy.

In planning your trip you might wonder what kind of insurance you would require. There are different kinds of insurance coverage for travelers and there are specific plans for certain types of travel. Your options on a cruise ship would differ from a group trip by air.
It’s important to buy purchase the insurance that you need and avoid coverage that you don’t need.

Options to buy travel insurance include medical, health, accidents, trip interruption, baggage damage and more.
Many of the insurance companies provide a 24-hour emergency service so you can reach them at any time they’re needed. This timely service feature is a must if you travel alone or have a medical condition that puts you at risk.

Travel insurance requires you to take the responsibility for filing your own claim forms should the need arise. You can obtain forms and helpful contact and procedural information from your travel insurance carrier.

You planned and saved for this wonderful vacation, you may as well plan for the unexpected events too. Spend a little extra to ensure your peace of mind as you travel.

If you travel alone especially, you become vulnerable to any mishap that might occur while you’re on vacation from a broken leg to the need for emergency medical care. For the low cost of a travel insurance policy you can have peace of mind that whatever happens you’ll be able to find the help you need when you need it.